Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Brings New Rules & Monsters To Trading Card Game

Following the announcement of the new upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, comes new rules for the trading card game. In the latest issue of Shonen Jump, the new way to summon monsters was revealed. The new system is called Link Summons, and while though don't know specifically how the system will effect the official Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, we did get specific information on how the mechanic works.

The YGOrganization made a video to help explain the mechanic and clear up some questions. From the article and video, we see that there are essentially two new Extra Monster Card Zones. Any monster that is summoned from the Extra Deck must go in one of these zones. Each duelist gets one zone, and the zone is decided upon by the first person to summon a monster from the Extra Deck.

In addition to the new zones, there was also new information on a whole new type of monster being introduced to the game. The new monsters are currently called Cybers, and will be a major part of the Link Monsters. Link monsters are a a new type of monster that have no defensive abilities. They have no defense points, or levels, instead they have Link Numbers that will determine how many monsters must be sacrificed to summon it. In order to bring one of these new monsters into the battlefield, players must send a monsters to the graveyard in order to satisfy its link material. So for instance if a monster's Link Number is two, it would take two face-up monsters being sacrificed to summon it. For more information on the specifics of the new rules and monster types, see the video above.

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, the new upcoming sixth anime in the franchise, is officially making its debut this spring. Excitement is building for the series, as fans received new visuals of the protagonist and last week. The show will be following Fujiki as he battles in VR worlds and arenas. The show is aimed for a younger audience, and is going to teach them how to pursue their dreams and embrace being different. The show is set to debut in Japan later this spring.