'Yuri On Ice' Movie Releases First Teaser Trailer, Poster

It has been awhile since Yuri on Ice dropped any news on fans, but that changed this weekend. Thanks to the folks at MAPPA, you can get your first-look at the movie coming for the franchise in 2019.

Oh, but you may want to grab some tissues. It looks like things are about to get real angsty for all you Victor stans.

Recently, the first teaser trailer and poster for Yuri on Ice’s film was released by MAPPA. The items were released after Yuri on CONCERT was held in Japan, and as you can see above, the teaser for the film is a melancholic one.

yuri on ice
(Photo: MAPPA)

The film, which is titled Yuri on Ice the Movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE, seems to focus on Victor Nikiforov. Its first teaser is very short and features no animation, but it does house a key image. Fans can hear slow, sad piano music playing as the visual is panned over.

As you can see, Victor is shown walking through a snow-covered beach whilst bundled up. The ice skater seems to have longer hair, and his beloved dog Makkachin is shown yipping ahead of him. The presence of his dog and longer hair all but confirm the film will feature a young Victor in Russia, leaving fans to brace themselves for the angst such a period will bring.

After all, Victor has said his younger years in Russia were marred by an ugly bout of depression. While the ice skater was a champion at his sport, he found himself facing impossible personal struggles much like Yuri did in the original anime. Now, it is time for fans to learn more about that period of Victor’s life, so audiences have until 2019 to prepare themselves for the emotional onslaught.


If you are not familiar with Yuri on Ice, then you have plenty of time to get acquainted with the series. The show premiered in October 2016 and tells the story of Yuri Katsuki. The young man is a professional figure skater who suffers from crippling anxiety, and Yuri chooses to break from the sport after a dismal appearance at the Grand Prix Final. However, things begin to change for Yuri when a video of him skating to a routine by Victor Nikiforov goes viral. The latter skater is world-renowned for his beauty and skill - and Victor comes all the way to Japan to coach Yuri. The two grow closer as they come to rediscover their passion for skating, and sparks fly when Yuri realizes his admiration for Victor goes further than he once thought.

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