2018 Winter Olympics Hypes Figure Skating Program with 'Yuri!!! On Ice' Promo

There are just a couple of weeks to go before the Winter Olympics get started. South Korea will host the event in February, and dozens of athletes are heading to PyeongChang for their events. Of course, millions of fans are looking forward to program’s figure skating routines, and NBC knows it.

After all, the Twitter page for the Olympics did share a promo for all things figure skating. And, yes - it is modeled after Yuri!!! on Ice.

As you can see below, NBC Olympics posted a short reel highlighting one of figure skating’s top talents. Evgenia Medvedeva is a Russian skater who will represent her country at PyeongChang. A two-time world champion, Medvedeva is considered a powerhouse in the skating world, and she is also a massive anime fan. So, when the Olympics wanted to spotlight the girl, they put her into her own anime.

The animated reel shows Medvedeva skating as if she were part of Yuri!!! on Ice. The promo is drawn to show Medvedeva doing tricks, but one jump sends her into a strange magical trance. The heroine appears to undergo a transformation much like the one Sailor Moon uses when she powers up. The promo then ends when Medvedeva escaping the anime world for a real-life skating routine.

This special promo combines two of Medvedeva’s favorite anime titles into a single reel. The skater is a public fan of Yuri!!! on Ice, and her fans tend to shower her with plushies from the anime. When she competed at the 2016 Grand Prix, fans tossed her plush rice balls similar to the ones Yuri Katsuki received after his competition routines.

Medvedeva is also a vetted fan of Sailor Moon. In fact, the all-star athlete has done a skate program based on the anime. In 2017, Medvedeva did a program dressed up as Sailor Moon whilst in Tokyo for the Exhibition World Team Trophy event.

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