Zombie Land Saga Season 2 Announced

One of the more surprising breakout hits of the Fall 2018 anime season, Zombie Land Saga quickly [...]

One of the more surprising breakout hits of the Fall 2018 anime season, Zombie Land Saga quickly gained traction among anime fans. Building a cult following early on before getting a tidal wave of support, this original anime series introduced fans to a new kind of idol series in which young girls were brought back to life in order to give the small region of Saga a notable pop group. This ended up becoming the series introducing many fans to the world of idol anime, and fans have been hoping for more ever since the first season came to an end.

Luckily, Zombie Land Saga announced that it will be indeed coming back for a second season dubbed Zombie Land Saga Revenge. The first poster for the new season features their kooky manager Kotaro Tatsumi in all his glory.

Announced during the special live event featuring performances of songs from the first season of the series, Zombie Land Saga LIVE IN SAGA, the series also recruited veteran actor Hakuryu (who's from the Saga Prefecture) for a special announcement video for the new season. The poster for the new season confirms it is in fact a "sequel" and is "in the name of revenge," but unfortunately there are no concrete details about its release as of this writing.

With the first season of the series debuting as part of the Fall 2018 anime season, it might be a little bit of a wait before fans get to see more of the Franchouchou group once more. But the confirmation of a second season is indeed a major boon to fans as support for its central idol group is beginning to heat up.

For those unfamiliar, Zombie Land Saga is an original anime devised by Cygames, AVEX Pictures, and Studio MAPPA. It's a particularly unique series following Sakura Minamoto, a high-school girl who dreams of becoming an idol except she comes across a major speed bump...she dies. Ten years after her death, she's brought back to life alongside six "legendary" idol girls from different eras by a mysterious man in order to form an idol super group (known as "Franchouchou") that will put Japan's Saga Prefecture on the map. The idol industry has been dying, but now these living dead girls will try and spring it back to life.