The Walking Dead Season 4: The Governor And Rick Could Make A Deal

The Governor And RickDuring a live chat moderated by the L.A. Times, David Morrissey answered fan questions and gave some hints about what could be in store for The Walking Dead Season 4. In regards to where The Governor now sits after the events of the Season 3 finale, David Morrissey said, “He’s quite a warped character at the moment, and in season 4 we’ll be exploring about whether he can come back from that or whether it's left his mark on him indelibly, and he has to sort of be that character from now on.”

When asked if he could ever see The Governor and Rick Grimes becoming friends, David Morrissey stopped short of saying they would become fishing buddies, but he did hint that they could strike a deal. David Morrissey said, “To answer the question about friends, even in our own life and in our own world, we sometimes do deals with people that we don’t see eye to eye with.”

Morrissey added, “In order for us to survive, we sometimes sort of turn a blind eye to people's natural character. You know, we do that in our life all the time, so maybe there is an element that they can sort of strike up some deal. I mean it would be a very odd deal, it would be a very odd sort of mistrustful deal, but they might have to do that in order to survive. You know, it's about I've got one thing that you need and you've got one thing I need, let's sort of at least have a conversation about whether we can survive sort of using each other. We don't have to trust each other, but we could use each other. ”

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs on AMC in the fall.