The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Still

The Walking Dead Still Episode

The “Still” episode of The Walking Dead begins with the sound of thunder at night. The camera pans across walker bodies, trash, and an abandoned car. Suddenly, Daryl and Beth emerge out of the woods, behind the car. Daryl looks around, while Beth tries to start the car. Daryl hears something, and he goes around and opens the trunk of the car. Both Daryl and Beth crawl into the truck to hide. The sound of several walkers can be heard outside. It’s also lightning and storming.

It’s the next morning, and Daryl and Beth are still hiding in the trunk. Daryl has his crossbow pointed at the narrow opening in the trunk. Beth slowly opens the trunk lid, and the two get out. Beth and Daryl check the car for stuff that they can use, which they put into trash bags to carry with them. The two start off walking down the road.

Daryl is hunting a squirrel. He shoots but he misses. He retrieves his broken arrow from a tree, and he snaps it in two. Beth is at a campsite, starting a fire and setting up a rope lined with hubcaps to serve as an alarm system for walkers. Daryl slips up behind a rattlesnake, pins it with a stick and kills it with his knife. Daryl is skinning the snake, when Beth walks up behind him.

Both Daryl and Beth are back at the campsite, eating cooked snake meat. Beth says that she needs a drink, and Daryl tosses her a bottle of water. Beth says no that she needs a real drink, as in alcohol. She tells Daryl that she’s never had one before, because of her dad, but he’s not around anymore. Beth says she thought they could go find some alcohol. Daryl ignores her and continues to eat. Beth gets up to leave, and she tells Daryl to enjoy his snake jerky.

Beth is wandering through the woods, when she spots a horde of walkers. She hides behind a tree, and she tosses a rock off to the side to draw the walkers away. One walker heads toward Beth, and she draws her knife, but the walker turns and leaves. Beth turns around and sees Daryl has found her.

Daryl leads Beth back to camp, but Beth is upset and says she’s not staying in the camp anymore. She says she’s going to take care of herself and get a damn drink. She takes off walking again. Beth emerges from the woods on a golf course, and Daryl is behind her. Beth tells Daryl that golfers like to booze it up, and they head toward the golf course clubhouse. The sign outside reads, “Pine Vista Country Club.”

Daryl and Beth cautiously enter the clubhouse, as walkers approach from the course outside. There are several walkers hanging from nooses inside the clubhouse. Daryl finds a flashlight, and he shines his light at various walker bodies on the floor. Beth picks up a silver spoon that reads, “The Capital Washington DC.” Daryl is loading his bag up with money and other valuables. Beth asks why he is keeping all that stuff.

The walkers from outside are trying to get inside, so Daryl and Beth rush into another room. They see a lot of kitchen supplies and more walker bodies. Beth spots a bottle of wine on a high shelf, and she climbs up to retrieve it. Suddenly, a walker grabs her, and she has to hit the walker with the bottle of wine. As she continues to struggle with the walker, she manages to get her knife out and stab the walker in the head. Daryl comes around the corner, and Beth sarcastically thanks him for his help. Daryl says that she said she could take care of herself and she did. Beth looks at some graffiti on the wall that says, “Welcome to the Dogtrot.” There are several bodies together on the floor.

Daryl and Beth continue to search the clubhouse with Daryl putting valuables and money in his pocket. There is a woman’s body, shirt ripped open with a sign around her neck that says, “Rich bitch.” Beth wants Daryl to help take her down, but Daryl says it doesn’t matter because she’s dead. As Beth struggles to pull the body down, Daryl gets up and covers the body in a blanket.

Daryl and Beth head down a hallway, where they run into more walkers. Daryl grabs a golf club that he uses to take out several walkers. With the last walker, Daryl clubs it repeatedly in the head, splattering blood and brains all over Beth.

Daryl and Beth reach the bar of the clubhouse. Beth tells Daryl that all she wanted to do today was lay down and cry, but they don’t get to do that. She says that Daryl can beat up on walkers if it makes him feel better, but she needs to do this.

Beth finds a bottle of Peach Schnapps, and she asks Daryl if it’s good. Daryl says, “No.” Beth responds that it’s the only thing left. Daryl starts throwing darts at pictures of the country club executives. Beth is sitting down in front of the bottle, and she starts sobbing. Daryl grabs the bottle and smashes it into the ground. Daryl says, “I ain’t going to have your first drink be no damn Peach Schnapps.”

Beth and Daryl are walking through the woods, and Beth is trying to guess what Daryl did before everything happened. Beth guesses a motorcycle mechanic, but Daryl says it doesn’t matter. Daryl leads Beth to a rundown house and shed that he tells her that he found with Michonne. Daryl grabs a bunch of bottles from the shed, and when Beth asks what it is, Daryl says it’s moonshine. The Walking Dead Still Episode

Daryl pours Beth a glass of moonshine and tells her that’s a real first drink. Beth hesitates and says her dad said that bad moonshine could make you go blind. Daryl says there’s nothing worth seeing out there anymore anyway. Beth drinks the moonshine, saying it’s the most disgusting thing that she ever tasted. After finishing it, she tries to pour Daryl a drink, but he says that he has to keep watch.

Beth finds a pink bra ashtray and asks who would go into a store and buy something like that. Daryl says his dad would that he would set them up on top of the TV set and use them as target practice. Daryl says that was how he knew what this place was, because his dad had a shed just like this place had.

Beth gives Daryl a glass, and they start playing a game of “I never.” Beth says she’s never shot a crossbow, and Daryl has to drink, because he has. Daryl says he’s never been out of Georgia. Beth says she’s never been drunk and done something she regretted. Daryl says he’s done lots of things and drinks. Daryl says he’s never been on vacation. Beth says she’s never been in jail. Daryl asks if that’s what she thinks of him, then he tells her to take a drink. Beth asks Daryl if he was prison guard before. Daryl says no. Beth tells Daryl it’s his turn again, but he says that he has to take a piss, and he goes and pees in the corner.

Daryl says it’s his turn now. He says he’s never had frozen yogurt before, he’s never had a pet pony, and he’s never gotten nothing from Santa Claus. He says he’s never relied on anyone for protection before. He says he’s never relied on anyone for anything before.  He says he never hung out in a big group in public before. He says he sure as hell never cut his wrists looking for attention.

They hear the walker outside. Daryl pulls Beth outside and tells her he’s going to teach her how to shoot a crossbow. Daryl pulls Beth around and keeps firing arrows into the walker that is now pinned against a tree. Beth yells at Daryl to just kill the walker, but Daryl wants to pull the arrows out to shoot it again. Beth rushes up and stabs the walker in the head with her knife.

Beth yells at Daryl that he’s acting like none of the people they lost meant anything to him. Beth says that he looks at her like she’s just another dead girl, because she’s not like Michonne, Carol, or Maggie. She says that he doesn’t get how she made it, when she’s not like them or him.

Beth says that he doesn’t get to treat her like crap just because he’s afraid. Daryl says that he ain’t afraid of nothing. Beth tells Daryl that she remembers when the little girl came out of the barn that he was like her. Beth says now that Daryl won’t ever let anyone get too close, and Daryl says she lost two boyfriends and didn’t even shed a tear. Daryl says her whole family is gone and all she can do is go out looking for hooch.

Beth tells Daryl that he doesn’t get it, but Daryl says it’s Beth that doesn’t get it. Daryl says that everyone they know is dead, but Beth says they don’t know that. Daryl yells, “Might as well, because you ain’t never going to see them again.”

Daryl yells, “The Governor rolled right up to our gates. Maybe if I hadn’t stopped looking. Maybe, because I gave up that’s on me. And your dad, maybe I could have done something.” Beth hugs Daryl, as he sobs.

It’s night, and Daryl and Beth are sitting on the porch. Daryl tells Beth that she’s lucky she’s a happy drunk, and Beth says some people can be real jerks when they drink. Daryl starts telling a story about Merle and his dealer. He says one day they were over at this tweaker’s house watching TV, and they were all wasted. Merle started talking dumb stuff about a show they were watching, and it turned out that it was the tweaker’s kid’s favorite show.

The tweaker never saw his kid so he felt guilty about it, so he punched Merle in the face. Daryl started punching the tweaker as hard as he could, and the tweaker pulled a gun and put it in Daryl’s forehead. Then, Merle pulled his gun on the tweaker. Everyone was yelling, and Daryl thought he was dead over a dumb cartoon with a talking dog.

When Beth asked him how he got out of it, Daryl said the tweaker punched him in the gut and he puked, and they all laughed. Daryl says before all this he was just drifting around with Merle, doing whatever Merle said they were going to be doing that day. Daryl says he was just a redneck asshole with a bigger asshole for a brother.

Beth says that he misses Merle. Beth says that she misses Maggie, her big brother Sean and her dad. She says she hoped they would just get to live the rest of their life in peace. That Glenn and Maggie would have a baby and that her dad would get to be a grandpa. That he would get old and would be surrounded by people he loved. Beth says, “That’s how unbelievable stupid I am. I wish I could just change.” Daryl says that she did, but Beth insists not enough.

Beth tells Daryl that he was made for how things are now. Daryl says he’s just use to it from growing up in a place like this. Beth says that he got away from it, and Daryl says maybe that you have to keep on reminding him sometimes. Beth says that she will be gone someday and that he’s going to be the last man standing. Beth says, “You’re going to miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.”

Daryl says that she’s not a happy drunk at all, and Beth says that she’s happy but not blind. Beth tells her that he has to stay who he is not who he was. Beth tells him that he has to put away places like this or it will kill him.

Daryl tells Beth that they should go inside, but Beth says they should burn it down. Daryl gets up to go inside, but he stops and tells Beth they are going to need more booze. Daryl and Beth splatter booze all around the house. Daryl hands Beth some matches, and she lights a stack of money on fire and tosses it into the house. The house is going up in flames, and Beth flips the house off. She punches Daryl in the arm, and he joins her in flipping off the house. Daryl and Beth walk off into the woods, as the house burns behind them.