Batman Vs. Superman: Batfleck At Ball Game, LexCorp Building Spotted

Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice Logo

Michigan has gone Batman Vs. Superman crazy. With the highly-anticipated blockbuster Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice filming in Michigan, local Michigan residents have been on the lookout for celebrities from the film, as well as set construction for the film.

On Saturday night, Ben Affleck created a stir by showing up at the Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox baseball game. Twitter lit up with other baseball fans at the game posting photos of their Batfleck sightings. Of course, Affleck is known to be a huge Red Sox fan, so he likely wasn’t at the game to root for the local team. We’ve embedded a couple photos shared by fans on Twitter below.

In addition to the Batfleck at a ball game sighting, it also appears someone might have captured the first image of one of the LexCorp building. The University of Muscle Blog has a photo of what they claim is a LexCorp building. The building has a large “X” on it, but the logo doesn’t match the logo shown in Man of Steel. The building also looks a little normal for a billionaire like Lex Luthor. Maybe, it’s one of Luthor’s start-up buildings in the early stages of his career?

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on May 6, 2016.