Todd McFarlane Reveals Scott Snyder's Role in Spawn 300

Todd McFarlane is going all out for Spawn's big 300th issue, including coming back to pencil and ink a story for the first time on the character since 1995. He's also bringing a huge pool of talent to create their own stories in the milestone issue, including Batman and Justice League writer Scott Snyder. had a chance to catch up with McFarlane at San Diego Comic-Con all about Spawn #300, and during that conversation, McFarlane explained what Snyder's role will be in the mega event.

"He wanted to jump on board, we had some conversations and I go 'hey, so I want you to write like one of the smaller chapters' and he's like 'yeah, I'll do whatever you want Todd, it would be cool', and then I went 'well, why don't you write the one that I'm going to draw', that way I can get Scott Campbell off on what I need him to do and I can get Jason Alexander off but you and I can sort of go back and forth," McFarlane said.

"So I was just on vacation, Vancouver Island and we had a couple of conversations and nailed it, what we want to do and just go here, here's our little chunk, and just go from there, so yeah, it was pretty fun," McFarlane said. "We'll see what kind of words he puts in their mouth and I'll go 'oh my gosh that's awesome' or I'll go "that's not what I would've said'. That's sort of the fun and the joy of working with other creative people right?"

It's a bit odd for McFarlane to not have total control over a book he's working on, but he also enjoys being able to react to work coming in.

"Because I've done a lot of books in my career where I was writing, penciling, and inking all for myself, and then that way you have total control over everything that's happening," McFarlane said. "The thing is I've written way more than I've drawn now, and I like to actually react to the art and just give them rough ideas, see what the art looks like and come back, and then come up with the words in their mouth, so it will be interesting."

Spawn #300 will bring in a slew of talent to celebrate the hero's big day. Spawn #300 is written by Todd McFarlane and Scott Snyder with art by McFarlane, Jerome Opena, J. Scott Campbell, Jason Shawn Alexander, and Greg Capullo, and you can check out the official description for the book below.


"SPAWN MAKES HISTORY! With this 300th issue, SPAWN becomes the longest-running independent series in comic book history. To celebrate, legendary artists TODD McFARLANE and GREG CAPULLO return with ALL-NEW interior pencils, with additional art provided by JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, J. SCOTT CAMPBELL, and JEROME OPEÑA, a cavalcade of celebratory covers, and additional writing by SCOTT SNYDER! And next month, RECORDS WILL BE BROKEN with SPAWN #301! Retailers: see order form for incentives."

Spawn #300 is in comic stores on August 28th.