DC Reveals How Jimmy Olsen Managed to Buy the Daily Planet

Back in November, Action Comics #1027 dropped a not insignificant bomb on not just everyone at the [...]

Back in November, Action Comics #1027 dropped a not insignificant bomb on not just everyone at the Daily Planet but on readers of the beloved Superman comics title with the reveal that Jimmy Olsen now owns the venerable newspaper. It's a revelation that wasn't necessarily out of left field -- Jimmy was seen asking questions back in Action Comics #1025 -- but left readers wondering how exactly Superman's pal could afford to buy a media outlet. Fortunately, in Brian Michael Bendis' final Action Comics issue, this week's #1028 we find out exactly how and it's a very unexpected answer.

Spoilers for this week's Action Comics #1028 below.

Everyone at the Daily Planet clearly has some questions about how Jimmy ended up buying the paper and Jimmy has no trouble explaining. As Jimmy tells his colleagues, it turns out that he and Lex Luthor are actually distant cousins and that means that the Luthor fortune is also half his. As Jimmy tells it, Lex isn't allowed to tell Jimmy what to do with his half of the money and Jimmy isn't allowed to stop Lex from doing whatever he wants with his half. However, even with that arrangement in place Jimmy figured out a way to stick it to Lex, revealing that since the Daily Planet's reporting on Lex's misdeeds were the one thing that gets in Lex's way, Jimmy decided to buy it. It turns out that it was an easy purchase, too, one that the board quickly approved lest the FBI seize things because of the Invisible Mafia situation.

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If you're scratching your head as to how any of this is possible, that's where you'd want to read Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber's Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. The Luthor/Olsen story plays out across the 12-issue series with the nuts and bolts of it being that the two families were essentially Metropolis' version of the Montague's and the Capulets with Jimberly Jimmington Olsen and Hannah Alexandria Luthor falling in love despite their families' hate. While the pair ended up with others because of that hate, it turns out that Hannah and Jimberly had consummated their love before being parted with Hannah having a secret son by Olsen.

While this revelation -- and the idea of Jimmy buying the Daily Planet itself -- seems like something that would fundamentally change everything , Jimmy just plays it off. Despite owning the paper, all Jimmy really wants is his own cubicle. He gives a stunned Perry White full creative control of things. Life at the Daily Planet will go on as normal -- whatever that is these days.

Action Comics #1027 is on sale now.

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