Dick Grayson Becomes Nightwing Once More

Dick Grayson has been on quite a journey in the pages of DC Comics for the past two years, having [...]

Dick Grayson has been on quite a journey in the pages of DC Comics for the past two years, having been shot in the head by KGBeast on the pages of Batman #55. Since then, the first Robin has lost his memory, tried to build a new life as "Ric" in Bludhaven, given up Nightwing only to end up being made into a Talon by his grandfather William Cobb only to manipulated yet again by the Joker who transforms him into "Dickyboy" -- the Joker's very own "son". But after managing to get his real memories back, Dick Grayson is once again part of the Bat Family and in the penultimate issue of the Joker War arc in this week's Batman #99, Dick resumes the mantle of Nightwing once more.

Warning: spoilers for this week's Batman #99 below.

In Batman #99, both sides in this fight for Gotham itself are gearing up for their final showdown. Joker is at Ace Chemicals getting dressed for the event in which he hopes to see Batman die so that he can restore the "true" Gotham as he sees it to be. Elsewhere, Batman, who has survived Punchline's toxin thanks to Harley Quinn, is gathering his own forces to stop the Joker. In order to take back Gotham, he's going to need all of his allies and, among those assembled on the rooftop is Dick Grayson. He's dressed in a red and black outfit and ready to join in the fight at Batman's side, but before that can happen, Bruce has something for him.

batman 99 dick grayson nightwing
(Photo: DC Comics)

It turns out that Bruce was able to grab something from "one of the micro caves in Wayne Enterprises" and pulls out a case. Inside is one of Dick's Nightwing suits and matching mask. Nightwing is, officially, back. And timing on that couldn't be better, because he's not the only one getting a "new" suit. The issue closes with Batman confronting the Joker direct at Ace Chemicals with the Joker revealing that not only has horrifyingly reanimated Alfred's corpse, but he's also taken the shiny new Batsuit we've seen in a previous issue, the one that writer James Tynion IV described as an "aspirational" suit that had been intended for Bruce's "happy ending" of sorts in Gotham.

Batman #99 is on sale now.

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