Batman: The Animated Series Gives Jason Todd the Joker's Origin, With a Twist

The story of Batman: The Animated Series continues in Batman: The Adventures Continue, the digital-first comics series. Batman: The Animated Series writers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett write the comic, with art by Ty Templeton, who drew The Batman Adventures. Since the comic launched, Jason Todd -- who never appeared in the original television show -- has stalked Batman and the other Batman Family members from Gotham City's rooftops. Chapter Nine of the series finally reveals Jason's DC Animated Universe origin story, and it's surprisingly similar to Joker's origin from Batman: The Killing Joke, but with one crucial difference. SPOILERS follow for Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Nine by Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, and Ty Templeton.

In Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Nine, Batman finally realizes who has been tailing him. He goes to investigate and leaves Alfred to fill Tim Drake, the current Robin, in on Jason Todd's history.

Alfred tells a story similar to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's Joker origin from The Killing Joke. A Gotham gang would force recruits to wear a red, hooded mask and act as the lookout while committing crimes. Rather than falling into a vat of chemicals as Joker did, this Red Hood fell to his death while trying to escape the police. He was Jason Todd's brother.

Bruce Wayne, seeing something of himself in Jason and being lonely after Dick Grayson's departure, took the boy into his home. Against Alfred and Dick's advice, Bruce soon introduced Jason to the Batcave and his alter ego.

And that's how the previously unmentioned second Robin of the DC Animated Universe came to be, though it's only part of the story. We know that Jason put on the Robin costume and entered the fray without Batman's knowledge or permission. We also know the Batman won't talk about the second Robin anymore and believed Jason was dead. The rest of the story will come in the next installment of Batman: The Adventures Continue.

What do you think of this origin story for Jason Todd? Let us know in the comments. Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Nine is on sale now digitally, and will be part of Batman: The Adventures Continue #5, on sale on October 7th in comic shops.

Batman: The Adventures Continue #5
(W) Paul Dini, Alan Burnett (A) Ty Templeton (CA) Dave Johnson

Batman is scrambling as he learns the true identity of the man who's been stalking him and the rest of the Bat-Family. As Batman and Alfred reel from the revelation, Tim demands answers! Batman's greatest shame is finally revealed!

In Shops: Oct 07, 2020
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