Buzz Lightyear Becomes Ghost Rider in Fanart You Can't Unsee

Fans who remember the "Cosmic Ghost Rider" look from a few years back might particularly appreciate this one: comic book artist Drew Moss (The Crow, MASK) has transformed beloved children's character Buzz Lightyear into a flame-headed monstrosity inspired by Marvel's spirit of vengeance. Moss, a prolific commission artist who is no stranger to fun mash-ups like this, shared the image on Twitter, though it isn't clear whether this was done by fan suggestion, or just something that the Copperhead and Creepy star just had to get out of his system, and wanted to share with the world.

What is clear is that if you want to own the original art, you can do so. It's available for sale on Moss's website for a little under $200, so if this was somebody's suggestion, it wasn't their commission.

You can see it below.

Moss also has other original pieces up for grabs on the site, and a couple of original pages from published comics art. He runs a Teepublic store, too, so watch out for the possibility of a Ghost Rider/Buzz Lightyear mashup t-shirt sometime soon.

...And for another Drew Moss piece with similar energy, you can see his mash-up of the Dan Jurgens-created characters of Booster Gold and Doomsday here:

While Ghost Rider seems to be on ice in TV and film right now, Marvel veteran Chris Evans is set to play Buzz Lightyear in a movie that exists, basically, as an in-universe Toy Story spinoff. The film, due out next year, stars Evans as the "real" Buzz Lightyear, as in the movie character that originally inspired the toys featured in the Toy Story movies and played by veteran comedy star Tim Allen.

Moss's next big project is Blighter: Tracker of the Realm, an original graphic novel by writer Jeff Parker (Flash Gordon, Batman '66). Available in both paperback and digital download editions via an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, Blighter is "a dimension-spanning, action-packed suspense ride, chock-full of monsters, and a swaggeringly brutal Tiger-man who fancies himself a living legend."


You can check that one out here.