Captain Marvel #2 Preview Reveals First Look at Carol's Deadly New Villain

A preview for Captain Marvel #2 reveals our first look at Carol's deadly new villain The Omen

Captain Marvel is set to soar in a new ongoing series later this year, and she will be receiving a brand new look to go with the launch. She'll also be facing new threats, and today Marvel revealed our first look at Carol's lethal new foe as well as a new ally who she will have to work with to get out of a difficult situation. In the new run by Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua, a horrific cosmic entity known as the Undone will have their herald attempt to take Captain Marvel off the board so they can devour Earth, and that herald is known as Omen. You can check out your first look at Omen in the images below, but we also get a look at a character named Yuna.

When Omen fails to imprison Captain Marvel, Carol finds herself linked to a street-smart thief named Yuna. Yuna is Carol's only chance to escape Omen's trap, but Yuna isn't a hero, and so the two will have to find a way to work together to take on the Undone and get out in one piece. This is only made more difficult thanks to Omens' powers, as she has the ability to devour energy and attack with corruptive magic, and magic has always been Carol's Achilles heel.

(Photo: Marvel)

"The Omen is a villain with corruptive magic, a mysterious connection to the Negative Zone, and the ability to devour energy. She's been looking forward to meeting Carol for a hot minute. Yuna Yang is a full-time college student and recreational cat burglar, morally flexible with a heart of... gold? Her hunt for the Nega-Bands leads her straight to Carol--and into trouble," Wong said.

(Photo: Marvel)

"I love a good reluctant team-up story. Pairing the leader of the Avengers with a casual, cheerful criminal leads to a fun dynamic and all kinds of shenanigans. As for the Omen... well, turns out Carol and Yuna's lives might intersect more than they think," Wong said. You can find character designs for Yuna and the official description for Captain Marvel #2 below.

"BOUND BY THE NEGA-BANDS! When cat burglar Yuna Yang set out to steal the legendary Nega-Bands, she was looking for a quick paycheck. What she got was a free ticket to the Negative Zone and permanent entanglement with Captain Marvel! Permanent until death, that is. And it doesn't look like Yuna's gonna make it to old age – not with new villain, the Omen, hot on her tail and hungry for the Bands' power!"

(Photo: Marvel)

"Captain Marvel is one of my favorite female characters, that's why I'm very excited to draw her," Bazaldua said. "I have always seen her as a very self-confident woman with nothing she cannot face, and not just because she has superpowers, but because she has inner strength. That's what I really enjoy about her and why I really appreciate this opportunity!" You can find the official description for Captain Marvel #1 below.

"HIGHEST, FURTHEST, FASTEST! The Captain gets a permanent glow-up designed by superstar artist Jen Bartel! And that's not all that's changed. Brand-new look – brand-new creative team – and a brand-new status quo. Carol Danvers is one of the powerhouses of the Marvel Universe, a woman capable of harnessing the energy of the sun. So if you're coming for Earth? She's the first one you take off the board. Someone's figured just how to do just that. Introducing a new supporting cast and villains both beloved and dangerously fresh, Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua's exhilarating series kicks off here!"

Captain Marvel #1 hits comic stores on October 25th and will feature a main cover by Segovia as well as a special foil cover and a negative space cover by John Tyler Christopher. Captain Marvel #2 will hit stores on November 22nd.

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