DC Reveals Nightwing's New Puppy Sidekick

Nightwing had a long 2020, but thankfully it ended with him reuniting with the Bat-Family and [...]

Nightwing had a long 2020, but thankfully it ended with him reuniting with the Bat-Family and returning to his black and blue costume, and 2021 looks bright for the Bludhaven hero as well. DC recently revealed that a new creative team is coming aboard the series in March of 2021, which includes writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo, and will have Dick Grayson having to adapt to a changing city from top to bottom. The city itself won't. the only change in Grayson's life though, as a preview of the issue gives us our first look at a new sidekick for Nightwing in the form of a puppy he saves from several thugs.

We aren't sure of the pup's name yet, but we do see that the three-legged pup is threatened by several individuals at one point, and Nightwing dispatches them quickly and efficiently.

He then takes his glove off and the puppy nibbles his hand. Nightwing pets her and then takes her with him, holding her as he grapples up towards the sky.

(Photo: DC Comics)

We can't wait to see more of this amazing duo in the series, and you can check out the image above.

"Despite, awkwardly, killing him twice (in Injustice and DCeased)," Taylor said. "I'm a huge Nightwing fan. And I couldn't be more excited to take on a hero I've always considered a DC A-lister. Our series is about showing that. It's about putting Dick Grayson back on that pedestal where he belongs. It's also about taking everything Bruno and I love about Nightwing and testing him in a completely new way. Exploring how Dick reacts when faced with impossible odds, and with a life-changing opportunity which comes his way in our very first issue."

"I'm not holding anything back from this project," said Redondo. "Nightwing means kinetic potential, evolution, and a positive assertiveness more than any other character I've worked on...and that's the kind of hero we all need right now. Working with Tom on Nightwing is the perfect evolution for us as a team! We have incredible ideas for Dick Grayson's new adventures."

"This is the perfect time for a Nightwing story," Taylor said. "It's the right time for a charming, entertaining, positive force for good standing with the underrepresented, and pushing back against corruption and greed."

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