Firefly Prequel Series Announced

Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds Year One will finally reveal the Serenity captain's origin story.

Firefly's Captain Malcolm Reynolds is finally getting an origin story. Boom! Studios has announced Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds Year One, a new Firefly prequel series telling of Mal's earliest adventures. Sam Humphries, writer of the Firefly: The Fall Guys miniseries, is writing the new prequel. Artist Giovanni Fabiano is making their comics debut on the series, colored by Gloria Martinelli, who also worked on Firefly: The Fall Guys. Here's the series description provided by Boom via a press release: "Despite starting from an unlikely place, Malcolm Reynolds has always been a troublemaker. Becoming a Browncoat was always meant to be. But what unexpected obstacles lie on that path to him becoming the Captain that fans know and love? To him assembling and leading the crew of the spaceship Serenity?"

Those questions will seemingly be answered as Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds Year One progresses. The series is set in the early days of the Unification War, the conflict in which the Browncoats fought a losing battle against consolidated rule by the Alliance, previously touched upon by Boom's first Firefly series.


Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds Year One #1 cover.

- Boom Studios)

"It was such an honor to tell the first year of the Unification War and the formative years of Mal," Sam Humphries says in the press release. "Unfortunately for him, the war isn't as glorious as we've been led to believe. Giovanni, of course, killed it, and when you read this book you'll be able to say you saw him when."

Fabiano adds, "It has been a true pleasure working on this project. It was an honor and a great responsibility to create the concept of the young versions of these characters from scratch. I had a lot of fun."

Boom Studios has been publishing Firefly comic books since it obtained the television show's comics license (previously held by Dark Horse and published under the license of the Serenity movie). Boom kicked off its era with a new Firefly ongoing series that ran for 36 issues and continued the Firefly stories past the events of Serenity. After that series ended, Boom continued the tale in All-New Firefly in 2022 and Firefly: The Fall Guys in 2023-2024. Boom has also published the flash-forward miniseries Firefly: Brand New Verse, several Firefly one-shot stories, and two Firefly graphic novels, Firefly: The Sting and Firefly: Watch How I Soar.

Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds Year One #1 goes on sale on September 4th. The issue is available to pre-now at local comic shops, and digital copies can be bought via Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, and other digital comics storefronts.