KUTE Crew: Koalas Fight Sea Monsters in Upcoming Webtoon Series

Webtoon has become one of the definitive platforms for unexpected, genre-bending indie comics, boasting a pretty wide array of fan-favorites over the years. One of the service's upcoming series, KUTE Crew, looks like it might be among them. The first look at the series was officially unveiled on Wednesday, showcasing the adventures of its eponymous sea-faring team of koalas. The book is expected to feature a cast of outrageous characters, strange settings, sci-fi twists, and underwater action.

(Photo: Webtoon)

The book will hail from writer and letterer Nick Marino and artist Nils-Petter Norlin, who previously collaborated on the fellow Webtoon series The Evil Life. KUTE Crew, which has been secretly in the works since 2016, will be the latest extension of the pair's nearly decade-long partnership.

KUTE Crew will follow the sensational seafaring marsupials aboard the Tangerine Marine, who are the sole safeguard between the wild warring waters of the ocean and the rest of the animal kingdom on an Earth where humans never existed. And if the first look at the series is any indication, it will be a legitimately adorable journey, set in a unique world.

(Photo: Webtoon)

"On an Earth where humans never existed, living creatures have divided into three realms," the series' preview reads. "The sky is a distant utopia, the soil is governed by a tenuous union known as terra firma, and the sea is an unruly expanse filled with danger and mystery."

Webtoon users can subscribe to KUTE Crew now, prior to the series' official launch on August 4th. New episodes of the series will be published on Webtoon every Tuesday at 9 AM PT. Digital comics will also be available on Gumroad every time a 10-page chapter completes (about once a month), with self-published minicomics available shortly thereafter.


Will you be checking out KUTE Crew once it arrives on Webtoon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!