Marvel Hints at Big Spider-Woman Secret

The long-awaited Spider-Woman #2 hit comic stores this week, and there was a lot to love about the new issue. That said, writer Karla Pacheco and artist Pere Perez might have snuck in a huge revelation for Jessica Drew on the very last page. Towards the end of the issue we see Jessica confronted by Octavia Vermis, and both want the very rare spider known as Latrodectus Aeternum. A fight ensues, but it's what Octavia tells Jess during the fight that is really worth paying attention to, words that Spider-Woman fan @SpiderWomnDaily noticed have a big connection to the character's previous series Spider-Woman: Origins. If the theory is correct, it could mean that Jessica has a brother, and she might've already met him.

When Spider-Woman and Octavia clash over the spider, Octavia isn't about to let it go without a fight, and the two throw down in a pretty brutal battle. At one point they end up on a high platform, and that's when Octavia reveals the last spider in a container on her necklace. She drops it to the ground causing Jessica to dive after it, but it's what she says that raised the alarms.

Right after she drops it she tells Jessica "Not all of my Father's secrets died with him, you know. I know who else wants this...and what a lovely family reunion you must have had."

(Photo: Marvel)

The next panel has Jessica on the ground and saying "But spiders...don't have...families?" @SpiderWomnDaily recalled those same words from back in Origins, which you can see below. That series has Jessica's mother answering a question by Jessica regarding if spiders have family. She tells her "Spiders don't have families", and this is definitely a call back to that moment.

Following the bread crumbs, Octavia's statement refers to the other person who wants this, and that is Jessica's current employer, Michael Marchand. Michael is trying to get a hold of this spider so that they can try and replicate the regenerative effects from the experiments Jessica's father performed on her to save his daughter Rebecca. They got part of the process right, which allowed Rebecca to go into full remission from Cancer, but then her body started shutting down because they didn't have the second part of her father's experiments.

(Photo: Marvel)

Michael also tells Jessica that her son might end up just like his daughter if they can't find a cure, which then results in Jessica helping Michael to track down the spider he needs.

So, going back to those bread crumbs, Octavia refers to the other person looking for the spiders (Michael), and a family reunion. Then we have Jessica referring back to her mother's words about not having family, which it seems, in this case, wasn't true. Then we also have the fact that Jessica's son might have the same condition eventually as Rebecca, which means they possibly could be part of the same family tree.

Sure it could end up being a red herring, but that's a lot of clues pointed to one direction. The good news is we only have to wait a few more weeks to find out,

Spider-Woman #2 is written by Karla Pacheco and drawn by Pere Perez, and you can find the official description below.

DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS! Spider-Woman discovers the origin of her illness. Spoilers: It wasn’t bad sushi or that cold everyone at the office has. What does Jessica’s illness have to do with the daughter of her old nemesis Otto Vermis? And how does a shipment of black-market spiders fit in? Jessica Drew is fighting for her life while someone is pulling the strings of her web…BUT WHO?


Spider-Woman #2 is in comic stores now.

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