Marvel's Iron Man Writer Leaving After Iron Man 2020 Event

Marvel writer Dan Slott announced on Wednesday that his time writing Iron Man is coming to an end. Slott announced on Twitter that he'd completed work on his final Iron Man story, which will bring the Iron Man 2020 event to its conclusion. Slott announced the completion via Twitter, saying this was always the planned end of his run on Iron Man. "That's a wrap on my 25th and final IRON MAN plot! Which was always the plan… From Day 1 it was all about building to a big Iron Man 2020 story (in 2020!). What a trip it's been, with so many talented co-creators & the best editorial team in comics! Can't wait for you to see it!"

Slott went on to thank some of the other creators who have worked with him during his Iron Man run, including artist Pete Woods, co-writer Christos Gage, and Gail Simone, who wrote the Iron Man tie-in issues to War of the Realms. Slott also corrected his math. "If I don't say it enough...Dear God, I love Pete Woods! And Christos! :) Ah! Math is hard. 23! (How could I possibly forget that the Mighty Gail Simone strapped on the boot jets and repulsor gauntlets for those two amazing War Of Realms issues?!!)"

Slott has been writing Tony Stark: Iron Man, which was all about Tony Stark returning from the coma he was put in during the events of Civil War II. Tony came to the realization that he was not the real Tony Stark, but a backup AI that Tony created in case he should be put out of commission. In the Iron Man 2020 event, Tony has become the leader of a robot revolution while his adoptive brother, Arno Stark, has taken over the mantle of Iron Man.

Iron Man 2020 #6 had been solicited for release in June, though its release date is now uncertain due to the closure of the direct market during the coronavirus pandemic.

Iron Man 2020 #6 (of 6)
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