Marvel Teases the Omni-Avengers

The "Avengers Assemble" crossover event has introduced fans to several variants of their favorite Marvel heroes, but its penultimate issue also teases something called "Omni-Avengers." We're almost at the end of Jason Aaron's run on Avengers, and he's going out with a big, bombastic story that involves the Marvel Multiverse. The current-day Avengers, the Prehistoric Avengers, and other Avengers from across the multiverse have assembled against Mephisto and the Multiversal Masters of Evil. But as the battle wages on, two key Avengers remain on the sidelines. These heroes may be part of what will soon become the Omni-Avengers.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Avengers Forever #15. Continue reading at your own risk!

While the term "Omni-Avenger" may be referring to all the different Avengers teams coming together at the God Quarry to fight the Multiversal Masters of Evil, Avengers Forever #15 offers an even better possibility. Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) and Starbrand are the only heroes sitting out the battle. Robbie has dealt with a transformation into the All-Rider, to the detriment of his humanity. Ultimately, he stopped turning into a Ghost Rider because he was afraid of losing himself to all that power. As for Starbrand, using her powers ages her each time, which is why readers have seen her go from a young baby and toddler to an aging older woman.

Ghost Rider and Starbrand are two of the Legacy powers in the Marvel Universe. However, what makes them unique compared to their fellow heroes – Starbrand's powers draining her life force, and Ghost Rider's All-Rider status – could be the key to them being Omni-Avengers, capable of turning the tide in the war against Mephisto. Fans will have to wait for Avengers Assemble: Omega #1 to find out how it all concludes. 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

What Is Avengers Assemble?

Tying together plot threads from throughout Jason Aaron's run and first announced at San Diego Comic-Con, "Avengers Assemble" is 10-part showdown at the edge of reality between an army of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the evilest forces in the multiverse. At Infinity's End stands Avengers Tower, which has fallen under assault by the ultimate forces of evil including the Multiversal Masters of Evil and Mephisto. The Avengers that fans know and love will unite with heroes from the past, future, and far reaches of the multiverse to defend Avengers Tower and the fate of Marvel history as we know it. Can they work together? And will their power be enough to prevent the end of all that is?

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