Marvel Introduces A Mutant Who Basically Has Black Bolt's Power

Marvel has introduced a mutant to the X-Men Universe who basically has the power of Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans. The mutant in question is "Bei The Blood Moon," one of the fearsome warriors of Arrako, the dark counterpart to the X-Men's new homeland of Krakoa. Bei The Blood Moon has been introduced in the current X-Men crossover event "X of Swords," and one of the latest chapters of the crossover finally revealed what the masked hunter/warrior is really all about. So if the Inhumans have Black Bolt's "Sonic Scream" as their greatest weapon, mutants now have Bei's "Doom Voice" power!

Warning: X-Men X of Swords SPOILERS Follow!

In Excalibur #14, the X-Men's Krakoa team is stationed in Otherworld, awaiting their tournament of duels with the team from Arrako. The first round of duels selected by Lady Saturyne is between Betsy Braddock/Captain Britain and Arakko's Isca The Unbeaten (another new mutant with her own crazy power). To the shock of the X-Men, Betsy doesn't last five minutes, as she is seemingly killed in battle with Isca.

The next match that's selected is a duel between Bei and the Doug Ramsey/Warlock fusion. Doug's mutant power is being a universal translator - but for some reason, Bei's language is one that he cannot understand at all. Thanks to a helpful chart from Jonathan Hickman, we get the full breakdown on Bei The Blood Moon, and her Doom Voice power:

Marvel X of Swords Bei Blood Moon Doom Note Powers Black Bolt

"Arakko-born, Bei the Blood Moon was raised a warrior. For the first fifty years of her life, she never spoke a word.

On the day she chose to speak, she leveled a mountain with the sound of her voice. Whatever order she cried out was lost... Since then, she has not only learned the danger of her gift, but its very practical applications. Bei's DOOM NOTE lies deep within her broad chest, reverbrating in her voices when she speaks. Bei can use the DOOM NOTE as needed to create loud concussive force blasts, but in addition to its combat utility, the DOOM NOTE contains other strange properties."

Some of the other "strange properties" described for the DOOM NOTE is its apparent low-level psychic power. Unlike Black Bolt's Sonic Scream, the DOOM NOTE uses a "near-psychic connection" so that Bei's speech can understood. It doesn't matter that Bei speaks in words that "are not a true language and cannot be translated," since the DOOM NOTE compensates for the language gap. The sole exception seems to be Doug Ramsey, whose own translation powers seem to cancel out the Bei's translation power.


It's no mistake that Jonathan Hickman and the X-Men Universe team have now given a mutant one of the more unique Inhuman powers. We can't wait to see what role Bei plays in X of Swords - and perhaps the larger Marvel Universe.

Excalibur #14 is now on sale.