Marvel Has Introduced a Mutant With a Power Crazier Than Domino's

Marvel's X of Swords is setting up the X-Men for what may be one of their biggest battles of all [...]

Marvel's X of Swords is setting up the X-Men for what may be one of their biggest battles of all time against the Champions of Arakko, forces that are loyal to the First Horsemen of Apocalypse. It's a battle of extremely high stakes for the X-Men, one that pits some of the team's most skilled and fierce warriors against some truly powerful and terrifying foes. While most of the Champions of Arakko have weaknesses of some sort that the X-Men can exploit when the battle arrives, there's one that was fully introduced this week that just might have the craziest power we've seen yet -- one that makes them a major challenge for the impending battle.

Spoilers for this week's X-Men #14 and Marauders #14 below.

In X-Men #14, Apocalypse ends up having a long talk with his wife, Genesis who just so happens to be the dangerous Annihilation of Arakko. With the battle between the Champions of Krakoa and the Champions of Arakko set to battle the next day, end up talking with Genesis explaining to Apocalypse the history of Arakko's lost mutants and how she became Annihilation.

Within that story, Genesis speaks of her sister, Isca the Unbeaten and reveals that not only did Isca defect to the side of the Amenthi in the battle between the Amenthi and Arakko, but also dropped Isca's mutant power: she literally cannot be beaten. That's her power, she will always adapt to battle in ways that will make her always win.

marvel x men isca the unbeatable
(Photo: Marvel)

It's a bonkers power to be sure -- one that feels way more broken than Domino's probability-altering power since Isca seems to adapt herself rather than the situation -- but just how problematic that power is starts to become clear in Marauders #14. At the pre-battle dinner party, the X-Men try to size up their opponents, looking for weaknesses that they can use to their advantage in the coming fight. However, when Magik and Gorgon attempt to figure out what makes Isca tick, they discover that she has no "soft spot" that they can figure out and may not have one at all. It's something that prompts Gorgon to come up with a new plan for dealing with things, telling Magik that they need to take out as many of the Arakko Champions as they can before dealing with Isca, hoping that they can use their numbers to overwhelm Isca -- though he doesn't seem especially confident even that will work.

X-Men #14 and Marauders #14 are both on sale now.

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