Marvel Confirms Wolverine Peed in Magneto's Helmet

Wolverine has officially peed in Magneto's helmet - it is no longer speculation or rumor, it is confirmed. The X-Men continue to truly get weird in the "Dawn of X" era. The offending moment between Magneto and Wolverine occurs in the opening scene of Wolverine #4, as Wolverine is called back to the quiet council of Krakoa for stealing Magneto's helmet and going on a rogue mission to help a (human) friend. Magneto has the chance to soothe his hurt feelings by calling Logan all sorts of derogatory names - Logan has the last laugh by letting Magneto know he used his helmet as "a piss bucket."

Bleeding Cool had first gotten rumor that this colorful scene would be added to Wolverine #4, and got some push back from Marvel X-Men fans, who thought it was too crass to truly be a part of the book. Turns out the doubters were wrong, and writer Benjamin Percy definitely takes things there.

Marvel X-Men Wolverine 4 Piss Mageneto Helmet
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

But should this even still be surprising?

Jonathan Hickman definitely established a looser and more edgy conversational style between the X-Men characters, during the House of X reboot of the series. More to the point: In the House of X/Dawn of X era, Wolverine has become a character who is hilariously at odds with the "Garden of Eden" vibe of Krakoa, and has shown off some pretty eye-raising behavior. Aside from urinating in Magneto's helmet, Wolverine has been pretty hot-and-heavy with Jean Grey - even taking the progressive step of finally having it out in the open that Jean can be with both Cyclops and Wolverine at once. The trio even have a set of connected rooms in the Summer House base on the moon!


Indeed, so far most of the fun in "Dawn of X" has been seeing the almost sitcom (or HBO show) style of X-Men character interactions - or interactions with those outside the new Krakoa nation. Having Benjamin Percy open issues of Wolverine with these sort of comedic anecdotes feels like a trend that we would very much like to see continue. They help to frame each issue of Wolverine with as a nice standalone story, while also helping continue to expand this new world of X-Men that Marvel has established.

Wolverine 1-4 are now available.