Silk Swings Back Into the Spider-Verse for New Marvel Series (Exclusive)

The Spider-Verse continues to grow with the return of a new series starring Cindy Moon. The Marvel hero Silk has been in the news recently, with Amazon, MGM, and Sony Pictures Television announcing Silk: Spider Society, the first in a long line of TV shows spinning out of Spider-Man. The Silk TV series will have Walking Dead Universe writer/producer Angela Kang serving as showrunner, as part of her overall deal with Amazon Studios. But before that show lands on Prime Video, can exclusively reveal a new Silk five-issue miniseries launching in May from returning writer Emily Kim and Marvel veteran Ig Guara.

"I'm thrilled to be able to continue writing for Cindy. It felt like I spent the first run getting to know her and now that I do, I can use the second run to explore how she'd change when thrown into wildly different worlds," Emily Kim said in a statement. "But the true fun will be to see the ways in which she stays the same Cindy we've known and loved for many years even when in brand new environments."

Emily Kim previously collaborated with artist Takeshi Miyazawa for a Silk series that launched in January 2022. Kim has also penned Tiger Division at Marvel, while Ig Guara has illustrated fellow Spider-Man Family titles such as Ghost-Spider and Spider-Gwen.

Sony Pictures TV Boss Updates Spider-Man Universe Shows

While speaking about her new role as President of Sony Pictures Television Studios, Katherine Pope was asked by Deadline where things stand with the Spider-Man Universe of shows.

"It's a huge focus certainly for all of us here, and for me in particular. I was already a fan of Angela Kang, so I'm really, really excited to be working with her on Silk. She's just brilliant and a total pro," Katherine Pope told Deadline about Sony's focus on the live-action Spider-Man shows for Prime Video and MGM+.

She added, "This is also an example of working really closely with Tom Rothman and Sanford Panitch, and the motion picture group, to make sure that we are in lockstep with them and also executing at the same level. They've done such an incredible job with that franchise, so we want to make sure we're executing at that level."

A Spider-Man Noir live-action series is also in development at Amazon, which would star a Spider-Man from the 1930s that isn't Peter Parker.

You can find the cover and solicitation for Silk #1 below. The issue goes on sale in May.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • SILK #1 (OF 5)
  • There's something rotten in Los Angeles, and ace detective Cindy Moon is on the case! Wait…that can't be right.
  • In this mind-bending new series, Cindy will face old foes and never-before-seen dangers that will take her to the breaking point!
  • Brought to you by all-star writer Emily Kim (SILK, TIGER DIVISION) and Marvel veteran Ig Guara (GHOST-SPIDER, SPIDER-GWEN)!