The Walking Dead: Clementine Lives in First Look at Her Comic Book Debut

Telltale's The Walking Dead survivor Clementine makes her comic book debut in the first look at [...]

Telltale's The Walking Dead survivor Clementine makes her comic book debut in the first look at the pages of Skybound X #1. After Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman teased the fan-favorite's return last summer in Negan Lives #1 — Kirkman ended the one-shot spin-off with the postscript "Clementine Lives" — Skybound confirmed the zombie-bitten video game character's first appearance in its tenth-anniversary event series. The five-issue limited series from Skybound and Image Comics, a weekly anthology featuring an all-star team of creators, launches July 7 with a pair of Clementine variant covers from Eisner Award-winning artist Tillie Walden and The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard.

Along with Clementine's first appearance in a comic book following four seasons of The Walking Dead video game, Kirkman will resurrect Rick Grimes in the five-chapter serial Rick Grimes 2000. The non-canon story, set against the backdrop of a zombie-plagued alien invasion, is a sequel to a bonus story that first appeared in the back of The Walking Dead #75 in 2010.

"Surprise! Did you REALLY think we would let Skybound's 10-year anniversary pass us by without bringing back some of our favorite characters?" Kirkman said in a statement when announcing Skybound X in celebration of his company's 10th anniversary. "We are forever thankful for our community's support over the past decade and are honored to share this special series with the larger Skybound family. None of these characters have such monumental journeys without the fans, so SKYBOUND X is for all of you!"

Skybound X Clementine Adlard
(Skybound X #1 by Charlie Adlard. Photo: Skybound / Image Comics)

Skybound X Clementine Walden
(Skybound X #1 by Tillie Walden. Photo: Skybound / Image Comics)

The solicitation for the 52-page Skybound X #1, featuring Clementine's comic book debut and the first chapter of Rick Grimes 2000, is below:

Celebrate a sensational 10 years of Skybound with a cavalcade of your favorite creators for all-new stories of your favorite series past, present and future! Each issue of this oversized, weekly series will kick off with a new chapter of a serialized THE WALKING DEAD story—RICK GRIMES 2000—by Robert Kirkman & Ryan Ottley! In addition, we'll be debuting all-new series and characters every issue, starting with the First Appearance of the most requested WALKING DEAD character of all-time: Clementine, star of the bestselling Telltale's The Walking Dead video game series! Did we mention new ULTRAMEGA and MANIFEST DESTINY stories?! If you want to know what to expect in Skybound's next 10 years, it all starts here!

Skybound X #1 will be available at comic book shops and on digital stores starting Wednesday, July 7, for $4.99.