Time-Travel Comedy From Tony Fleecs Headed to Kickstarter

Time Shopper, the long-awaited time-travel comedy from Stray Dogs and Jeff Steinberg co-creator Tony Fleecs with artist Christian Meesey, is headed to Kickstarter. Set to be released in a European album-sized hardcover, the comic -- originally set for release in 2019 -- will finally get in front of audiences when the crowdfunding campaign will finally go live on September 29th, 2021. Fans will have a chance, not only to order the Time Shopper original graphic novel, but Fleecs says they'll also be able to get their grubby collector mitts on all kinds of priceless historical artifacts* delivered from the past by the book's time traveling hero, Carl!

*Probably not actually priceless or historical. But on a more serious note, what is Time Shopper, and why are we so excited to see it finally come to pass?

"It has stakes, and covers some serious historical instances, but it's more Rick and Morty or Bill & Ted than Somewhere in Time," artist Christian Meesey said in a statement. "I mainly hope people have a good time with it, think about history and stuff, get some laughs (at least one on every page!), and enjoy Carl's entertaining, though often head-shaking, misadventures. Above all, I had a blast drawing and collaborating with the hilarious Tony Fleecs, and packed as many gigawatts of Pure Fun into the book as possible."

Time Shopper came so close to happening in 2019 that it was actually solicited for direct market in the back of Previews. It isn't a mistake caused by time-travel, though; it's something a lot more normal for the comics industry.

"We were working with a small press publisher on this book and, as sometimes happens...everything went terribly wrong," Fleecs explained. "And then there was a worldwide pandemic and I got wrapped up working on other books. But the whole time, Christian and I have been planning the best way to get this book out ourselves and we think we came up with a bunch of fun in-world stuff to make the Time Shopper experience even more weird and fun than we originally planned."


In Time Shopper, Carl has a time machine, a giant pile of cash and a mission: Go back in time and stop history's biggest disasters from ever happening. The problem is, when he goes back in time, Carl becomes OBSESSED with how affordable things are in ancient times! Now he travels from one key moment in history to the next... Time Shopping. Will he fix history? Will he end history? Will he be fired? Killed by a time-travel robot? Featuring special guest appearances by JFK, Franz Ferdinand, Judas Iscariot, Steve Jobs, Adolf Hitler's Mom and Dad, Tupac Shakur and many more, Time Shopper is Bill and Ted meets Super Market Sweep!

The Time Shopper Kickstarter campaign launches on September 29th, 2021.