Todd McFarlane Says A Spawn-Verse Is Coming

Spawn has some big milestones coming up with the 300th issue and Spawn #301. Questions about the future of the franchise and the possibility of a Spawn-verse have started bubbling up. For those who have been paying attention over the last few years 90s nostalgia has never been more prevalent. Spawn is one of those properties that could ride the wave now.'s Jim Viscardi sat down with Todd McFarlane and broached the idea of a Spawn Universe. Before the question even got completed, the creator was absolutely one hundred percent on board with the idea and believes it is going to happen. The wheels are already turning on this one, and it will be interesting to see what shape it takes as the project becomes clearer in the coming years.

CB: I feel like with the attention on Spawn now is as big as it's been in a while. There's a ton of people looking at it. Is now the time to potentially maybe expand even title-wise?

"So essentially there's been a blink in the universe and it's sort of awakened a bunch of things or it's triggered a bunch of things. And so this battle that he'd been raging for 300 issues, almost exclusively as a solo act is now going to slowly morph into that," McFarlane began. "Not necessarily that he's going to have a team, although that could be possible in the future. But that he's not going to be alone and that there's going to be other soldiers in this war because it's a daunting task what he's trying to do right now. And, he intellectually knows he can't do it by himself. So he's going to get help one way or another, whether he wants it or not, helps coming."

He continued, "The bigger sort of stories moving forward is what does all that mean? A) help is always good, but if the people helping you don't have the same mindset or have their own agendas or have their own attitudes, then what seems like it should be a positive can turn into a neutral or a negative. And those are all the things that arguably any theme books go through, the mechanisms of who are all these individuals when they run into each other."


The creator added that the Clayton Crane scene in issue #301 will give readers further insight into those interactions. It will pull back the curtain on some assumptions people may have been carrying about the character. He was also quick to add that there is some new material coming to the books as well.

McFarlane mentioned, "And, then we're going to start going from there and then building hopefully some new super villains if you will, that will be on par with the Clown and some of the other characters I've had in the book. But maybe in 10 years, we'll be thought of in the same category as some of the big sort of iconic superheroes. Don't know if it'll happen, but I think it's time. I think it's time to just create my Spawn verse, if you will.