Ben Affleck Clarifies Comments On Batman Movie Title

Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick are currently doing promotion for their new film The Accountant, but it's hard to avoid questions regarding the incredibly popular superhero genre, something both actors are keenly aware of.

In a recent interview with E News, Affleck spoke about his upcoming Batman solo film, though it isn't actually titled Batman, The Batman, Batman and Friends, or any other combination thereof.

"I just mentioned the other day, its been around for a long time that the movie, there is no Batman movie happening yet, we're still trying to figure it out, get the script, the budget, and all that stuff, and someone said what are you calling it, and I had said like, back when we were doing, like, promoting another movie, I was like "well, we don't have a name for it and now we're just calling it The Batman or Batman movie or Batman", and I said that and it was like "Affleck announces the title of his new", and you know, you can't, you can't even touch it without it being, and they're like "this title's so boring" and "this title sucks"."

In many ways, his co-star Anna Kendrick has experienced the same phenomenon when she mentioned Squirrel Girl during an interview. It wasn't soon after that fans started picturing her in the part.

"Someone asked me this question once and I tried to give like the most innocuous answer that would just not turn into clickbait you know, for no other reason then why give somebody a headline, and I mentioned that my brother had turned me on to um, Squirrel Girl, and it became the biggest f****** thing. Like I could have said I was going to assassinate someone and it wouldn't have been as big a deal."

While it might not have a title, Affleck's Batman project does have a target release date of 2018. As for Kendrick, who knows if she'll eventually end up in the role of Squirrel Girl, but at least she knows fans would love it if it happened.

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