'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Daddy Darhkest"

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"Daddy Darhkest" begins with John Constantine entering an asylum with hopes of saving a little girl that resides there. Constantine starts performing an exorcism on the girl, which is unsuccessful. While the girl is possessed, the demon reveals he knows Sara Lance.

Constantine is back on the Waverider. There, he's speaking with Sara and Nate about the exorcism he recently tried performing. He reveals to Sara that the demon knew her name. Sara tells her about Mallus, the demon they've been going up against. After some debate, Constantine agrees to stay aboard the Waverider and help the group take on Mallus.

Agent Sharp calls into the Waverider with an update on Rip's trial. She informs Sara that nobody at the Time Bureau believes Rip about Mallus, and the case has hit a stalemate.

The team arrives in Star City in the present day to examine the girl Constantine recently tried to perform an exorcism on. They locate her and are in the process of moving her to an empty wing of the asylum when Kuasa morphs in. Amaya stays behind to fight her.

Constantine, Nate, Snart, and Sara get the girl to the empty wing of the asylum when Zari radios in with her identity: Nora Darhk.

Amaya and Kuasa are still fighting when Nate runs in with Snart's gun and freezes Kuasa while she transforms into her liquid state.

The group awakens Nora and places her in the middle of a pentagram to start another exorcism. Constantine tries performing the ritual again, and Mallus takes over Nora's body. Nora draws a symbol on the ground and when the trio — Sara, Snart, and Constantine — approach it, they're transported out of the room.

The trio finds out they've been sent back in time to 1969.

Nate and Amaya get back onto the Waverider to find Ray freaking out about not being able to reach Sara. Trying to watch a football game in peace and quiet, Mick orders Ray and Zari off the ship to go find Sara.

Ray and Zari stumble upon the symbol before seeing Nora wheeled down the hallway. They pull her aside to ask about the previous night. Zari convinces Ray they need to sneak Nora out of the asylum.

Back in time, Snart splits apart from Sara and Constantine in hopes of leaving a message somewhere around the asylum that the other Legends would be able to find in the future. He's located by asylum staff, who then sedate him, thinking he's a patient on the loose.

Amaya has taken Kuasa's frozen form back to the Waverider, where she eventually thaws out. Kuasa reveals that in the future, poachers eventually raid their village and kill Amaya.

After a quick hook up in an empty wing of the asylum, Sara and Constantine find and subsequently rescue Snart from being lobotomized.

Ray and Zari take Nora from the asylum and grab a cup of coffee. At the coffee shop, Nora sees a news report showing the Green Arrow murder her father. With Nora afraid, Mallus is able to take over her body in the middle of the coffee shop.

The two try calling for backup.

Back on the Waverider, Mick tells Nate that he let Amaya go in to talk to Kuasa. Amaya walks into Kuasa's holding cell as Nate runs in with Mick's gun. Kuasa promptly knocks him out.

In the past, Constantine starts a ritual to summon Mallus. After ingesting a potion, Sara's transported back into that spiritual dimension in an attempt to draw the same symbol that Nora drew earlier. There, she hears somebody crying in the distance and walks to find out it's Nora. She convinces Nora to go back into her body so the assault on Ray and Zari stops.

Sara finishes drawing the diagram, and the trio is transported back to the present.

On the Waverider, Amaya lets Kuasa go.

Ray and Zari are consoling Nora after her episode when Damien walks into the coffee shop. He tells her that the Legends have been lying to her and tries convincing her that Mallus isn't a demon, rather he's her savior. Nora decides to leave the Legends and go with her father.

The group rendezvous on the Waverider. Zari tells the group that Mallus called her one of "The Six," and Amaya says she only knows of five totems. Constantine says the key to stopping Mallus is to gathering the totems.

Sara thanks Constantine for his help, and he leaves the Waverider.

Snart says goodbye to Mick and travels back to Earth-X.

Sara calls Sharp, who informs the Waverider captain that Rip has escaped custody.

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Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of TomorrowMonday at 8 PM EST on The CW

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