'Shazam!' Director Does His Own 'Batman v Superman' Parody

The first official image from the new Shazam! movie has made for some excellent meme-worthy material, and now the film's director is getting in on the action.

Taking a break from the post-production process, David F. Sandberg showed his own version of the shipping Shazam meme, and it might be the best one yet. Take a look in the video below.

Putting Shazam in the place of Superman in one of the most emotional and visually stunning scenes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a nice touch. Kudos to him for totally taking all of the weight out of the scene and instead replacing it with a sipping noise. It really increases the impact.

Sandberg has already shared another version of the meme, with the closeup of the tense standoff between Batman and Superman in the rain. The meme Sandberg shared shows Shazam slurping his soda in the background, the most obvious fly on the wall during the tense standoff.

With the movie set to hit theaters in less than a year, DC Films is slowly but surely starting to promote the film to fans. At the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week, they showed some concept art and set photos from the new movie, according to Expo visitor Daniel Eliesen.

"WB brought out Zack Levi to tease Shazam and I was super impressed," Eliesen wrote on social media. "A lot of amazing set photos including the whole Shazam family in costume. The feel of the movie is “Big” meets “Superman”. Looks like it will have a different tone but I can’t wait. Also saw full costume shots."

That sounds like they're backing up the tone of the movie Sandberg is hoping to establish, creating a family-friendly superhero film.

"I was kind of meh on the idea of a Shazam movie but based on what I saw I have to say I am quite pumped. It’s look refreshing and different. Thanks [Zachary Levi] for hyping us all up at the Licensing Expo," Eliesen finished.


Shazam! is scheduled to premiere in theaters on April 5, 2019.

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