'Young Justice' Reveals SPOILERS Are the Real Outsiders

The latest batch of episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders finally took the Light out of the shadows, explaining what the secret cabal of super villains truly wants for planet Earth.

It also showed how the heroes plan to stop them, revealing exactly who the titular Outsiders are and how they're taking the fight to Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor.

Warning: Spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders below.

In the episode "Triptych," three teams of heroes all try to shut down Metahuman abuse that revolves around the super villains known as the Mad Hatter and Shade, as well as the shady businessman Simon Stagg.

With three seemingly unrelated conflicts taking place, the episode shows the team main team of Nightwing, Tigress, Black Lightning, Halo, Forager, and Geo-Force attempting to stop Cheshire, Killer Frost Livewire, Mist, and Shade from stealing Reach technology that has potentially devastating effects on Metahumans.

Then, Robin leads Arrowette, Orphan, and Spoiler against Mad Hatter, who is using his technology to control Clayface to stop the heroes as the villain attempts to infect an unknown party. Hatter and his victim get away, but the heroes free Clayface from the mind control tech.

And finally, the Flash and Captain Marvel try to prevent Sportmaster and Kadabra from pulling a prison break, though Sportsmaster gets away with a mysterious prisoner. It's later revealed this prisoner is Shade, who was the same victim Mad Hatter infected with his control device, then was forced to aid Cheshire in the theft of the Reach device.

The end of the episode ties these plots together, when Kaldur and Miss Martian hosting a meeting with Wonder Woman. It's during this meeting where we see the true Outsiders: Batman and Robin, Aquaman and Miss Martian, Nightwing and Oracle, and Wonder Woman, who are all working together.

Those seven heroes are leading the Justice League, the Team, Nightwing's group of heroes, Batman's sidekicks, and possibly more — Wonder Woman mentions "six teams" — and none of the individual teams know they're all working together.

Batman makes it clear that they're taking a page out of the Light's playbook, organizing heroes without the knowledge of how their missions affect the Outsiders' overall plan, allowing them to bypass Luthor's sanctions from the United Nations. This echoes how Luthor and Savage's secret cabal would manipulate other villains to do their bidding.


While their plans are effective, Wonder Woman has her doubts as she feels dishonest in how she's treating the rest of the Justice League and the other heroes. The Outsiders are successful, but at what cost?

The mid-season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on DC Universe next Friday, January 25th.