New 'Young Justice: Outsiders' Trailer Released

After the lengthy hiatus before Season 3 of Young Justice, we now have to wait a bit longer before new episodes premiere on DC Universe.

The mid-season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders just premiered on the streaming service, leaving fans on a major cliffhanger that won't be resolved until the series returns later this summer. But now we have a look at what's coming when the show comes back to DC Universe, with a brand new teaser trailer being released. Take a look above!

It looks like Beast Boy will angle for a position on the Team, while Justice League leader Aquaman will have to deal with threats from the returning Amanda Waller. Waller's last appearance came in Season 1 when she was booted from her position as the warden of Belle Reve, replaced by Hugo Strange as an operative of the Light.

Perhaps the biggest moment that will get the blood pumping among die hard fans is the confrontation between Tigress and Black Manta, with the latter out for blood after being betrayed by his own son in the season finale of Young Justice: Invasion.

We've yet to see Black Manta in the new season, but after the events of Season 2 he is likely disgraced among the Light and eager to get revenge on the heroes who duped him. He'll have back up among Monsieur Mallah and Captain Boomerang, who is making his Young Justice debut in this appearance.

Artemis will be aided by Halo, Geo-Force, and Terra, which means that the heroes still have not discovered the traitor in their midst by the time of the confrontation.

In the mid-season finale, Brion of Markovia gets help from the heroes and they finally rescue his little sister Princess Tara, who was being forced to fight and then be auctioned in a meta-human trafficking event attended by Batman villains the Court of Owls.

But when the heroes rescue her and Nightwing offers her an opportunity to join the team, she secretly sends a message to Deathstroke and reveals that she is an undercover operative working on behalf of the Light. So both factions are giving each other a taste of their own medicine in the new episodes.

This development is sure to rattle the foundations of Young Justice. We'll find out how it all turns out when the series returns to DC Universe later this summer.

Young Justice: Outsiders is now streaming on DC Universe.



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