HBO Releases New Watchmen Featurette

HBO and and visionary TV producer Damon Lindelof are bringing DC's beloved Watchmen property to the small screen later this year. Instead of delivering a straight-forward adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' comic series, like Zack Snyder did with his feature film in 2009, Lindelof and his team are simply using the world created by the book to tell a brand new story. Because of that, the plot details for Watchmen have been few and far between.

That finally changed on Monday as HBO released a brand new featurette from Watchmen that sees the cast and creators talk about the actual story of the show. It finally makes sense out of the various trailers we've seen so far, and explains why just about every character is wearing some sort of mask. You can watch the full video above!

"Watchmen examine how we, as a society, feel about heroes, most notably people who wear masks and fight crime," Lindelof explains in the video. "Our Watchmen honors the graphic novel without making it necessary to have read it in order to understand this new story."

Lindelof goes on to explain that the series kicks off with the rise of a new threat. "A new terrorist organization has emerged called the Seventh Cavalry," he says. Star Regina King adds to that plot point, saying, "Because of that incident, the police wear masks to protect themselves and their families."

"It really explores the complexity of who you are when you wear a mask," says Watchmen director and executive producer Nicole Kassell. "[And] who you are when you're not wearing a mask."

The cast and creators also talk about just how many unexpected twists and turns will take place throughout Watchmen. King says the show is huge, "the biggest show I've ever been a part of." Jeremy Irons notes that in this series, "The truth unwraps itself slowly."

"I love twists in storytelling," adds Lindelof. "I love surprises, unexpected turns."


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Watchmen premieres on Sunday, October 20th on HBO.

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