James Wan Hid a Clever 'Conjuring' Easter Egg in 'Aquaman'

With all of the action, quips, and bright colors shown in the trailers, it's very easy to understand that Aquaman is going to be much, much different from James Wan's other major franchise, The Conjuring. One is an underwater superhero epic, the likes of which have yet to be seen on screen, while the other is a terrifying paranormal horror franchise. The two properties couldn't be more different, but they do have a pretty fun, albeit hidden connection.

According to Cinemablend, Wan found a way to place the spooky Annabelle doll in Aquaman. The doll was initially a part of the first Conjuring film, and then went on to spawn several prequels that featured Annabelle as a point of focus.

Annabelle's scene is very brief, and it takes place towards the beginning of the movie. We won't be spoiling anything here by going into any detail about the scene, we'll just say that Annabelle can be seen sitting at the bottom of the ocean floor as Arthur Curry and Mera prepare to enter her ship.

When asked about this delightful cameo/Easter egg, Wan played was as coy as possible, playing off any notion of Annabelle's inclusion.

"I don't know what you are referring to," Wan laughed. "I have no idea what Easter Egg you are referencing here, if it's an Easter egg.... Maybe Patrick Wilson is really Ed Warren pretending to be King Orm? What can I say? I'd like to see that film, how about that?"

As far as we know, there could always be more horror references hidden within Aquaman that we have yet to discover. Wan's foray into the mainstream came with his creation of the Saw franchise, alongside Leigh Whannell. Both filmmakers have made a habit of hiding Saw Easter eggs in each of their movies to this point, so it would stand to reason that the same would be true for Aquaman.

Are you going to be on the lookout for Easter eggs when Aquaman arrives in theaters? Are you sill excited for the film? Let us know in the comments!


Aquaman is set to hit theaters on December 21st.