'Aquaman' Star Dolph Lundgren Confirms Mera Rumor, Reveals Plot Details

A rumor about the Aquaman movie suggested a major change to Mera's history from the DC Comics [...]

A rumor about the Aquaman movie suggested a major change to Mera's history from the DC Comics canon, and a new interview with actor Dolph Lundgren just confirmed it to be true.

While speaking with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Lundgren revealed the relationship of his character, King Nereus, to Amber Heard's Mera would be different from what comic book fans are used to.

"It is good to be king. Basically, I try to keep the peace down there along with Amber Heard, who plays my daughter," said Lundgren. "She's trying to convince me to join the right side."

In the comics, Nereus and Mera were engaged to be married before she left the kingdom of Xebel and met Arthur Curry in Atlantis. The two then fell in love and eventually married, becoming the king and queen of Atlantis.

But while director James Wan's movie will make that major change to Mera's backstory in the film, it might be adapting another common story from the Aquaman mythos throughout the many reboots from DC Comics.

Lundgren also teased an impending war between those who live underwater and those who live on land.

"Then you have Nicole Kidman as Aquaman's mother [Queen Atlanna]," Lundgren said. "We're trying to avoid war between the surface dwells and the people of Atlantis."

It seems like there might be an attempt to unite the seven kingdoms of the sea, though it remains to be seen if the purpose is for war or for peace.

We know that Patrick Wilson as Orm will be the villain of the movie, though he's unlikely to directly take on the name Ocean Master. We also know that Orm will take the throne of Atlantis, and Jason Momoa revealed the massive fleet of vessels in the Aquaman teaser from San Diego Comic-Con are at the command of Orm.

Perhaps Aquaman's brother is seizing control and uniting the kingdoms in order to strike back at the surface dwellers for some unknown crime. Does that mean Arthur Curry and Mera will unite in an effort to stave off war and put the half-breed Atlantean on the throne?

It remains to be seen, but based on Lundgren's comments, fans don't need to expect an awkward love-triangle between Mera, Aquaman, and a much older Nereus as it was in the comic books.

Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21st.