Arrow's David Ramsey Hints Green Lantern Will Be Addressed in Final Season

Over the past few years, many fans of The CW's flagship superhero series Arrow have been campaigning to see one of the main characters become an iconic DC Comics hero. While John Diggle is a vigilante in his own right as Spartan, many people have been clamoring to see the character obtain a Green Lantern ring — and with the show in its final season, he's running out of chances to join the space police. But actor David Ramsey dropped a major tease that it could be coming soon.

When Collider asked Ramsey about what he wanted to see from Diggle's family in Arrow's final season where he dropped yet another epic tease for Green Lantern

"There’s a lot of stuff in the Diggle family that has to be worked out, in these 10 episodes, and will be," Ramsey said. "And ultimately, I think we have to find out what’s going on with Green Lantern. We’ve been teasing that since Season 2 or 3. It’s been a crazy amount of time, so we have to put a button on that, and from what I’m hearing, we will."

With the epic crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths coming up very soon, it seems like that would be the best opportunity for Diggle to finally get his power ring. As for why it's taken so long, Diggle revealed that there are a lot of logistical setbacks that have prevented Green Lantern from playing a role on Arrow thus far.

"[Greg Berlanti] and Marc [Guggenheim] and Beth [Schwartz] have been very forthright about what they want to do with that whole possible mythos, with Green Lantern. So, if it had not been for them, yes, I’d probably be pulling my hair out, what little I have, and saying, 'What’s going on, guys?' but they’ve been very honest about it," Ramsey said.


Ramsey previously told ComicBook that “it’s going to take a great deal of preparation if and when it’s ever done," so his latest response to the question is promising. It sounds like they've finally made some progress and Diggle could become a Green Lantern, or at least Ramsey could play one from a parallel Earth, when Crisis on Infinite Earths begins on The CW at the end of the year.

The final season of Arrow continues Tuesdays at 8/7 Central on The CW.