'Arrow's David Ramsey Thinks Diggle's Doppelganger Should Have A Power Ring

During the Arrowverse crossover last week, audiences were introduced to the Earth-X counterparts of many faces familiar to The CW's DC Comics shows However, one of the characters whose doppelganger we didn't see was that of Arrow's Diggle and now, David Ramsey has some ideas on what he thinks his Earth-X counterpart should be up to.

During a panel at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose this past weekend, Ramsey revealed that he thinks his Earth-X counterpart should be a Lantern.

"I think Diggle's doppelganger should have a certain power ring," Ramsey said. "Just saying. But I have no idea who he's going to be or if we're going to see him."

While there are seven possible Lanterns and associated power batteries in DC Comics' Emotional Spectrum that Diggle-X could be, Ramsey is mostly likely referencing the green power ring, making Diggle-X a Green Lantern. With the DC Extended Universe planning a Green Lantern Corps feature film for 2020 and the little known Green Lantern Yalan Gur making a brief appearance in Justice League (during the "history lesson" about Steppenwolf's first invasion), Green Lanterns as part of the DC live-action universe has been a hot topic among fans and audiences as of late.

However, with Diggle-X hailing from the Nazi-controlled world, it is equally as possible that the power ring the doppelganger sports could have a much more sinister turn, such as the yellow ring of the Sinestro Corps that serves as the embodiment of fear. As we saw in "Crisis on Earth-X" not all of the Earth-X doppelgangers were heroic, after all.

What color power ring Diggle-X wears -- or if he even exists at all on Earth-X -- is likely something we aren't going to see anytime soon. Ramsey went on to explain that there's a lot about Diggle's past on Earth-1 that still hasn't been unpacked, including a possibly very unorthodox origin.


"We're kind of still working on Diggle's parents," he said. "You know, Diggle was hatched. We haven't seen Diggle's parents yet so we're working on that so, baby steps."

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