'Arrow' Showrunner Wants The Question to Appear on the Show

Many DC Characters have been woven into the Arrowverse over the seasons, but for Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim there is one specific character he really wants to make an appearance.

During the DCTV panel at ACE Comic Con in Long Island today, Guggenheim talked about how the crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" included new characters, such as The Ray from the CW Seed series Freedom Fighters: The Ray. When Guggenheim was asked about other characters he'd like to see come to Arrow, the showrunner had an unsurprising answer: The Question.

"I've made no secret of the fact one day I would love to see The Question on Arrow," Guggenheim said. "I think The Question is just tailor made for Arrow. I've always felt that."

The Question is a character that Guggenheim has long been vocal about wanting to bring to Arrow. He even went so far as to tease the idea of Team Arrow paying a visit to Hub City, hometown of Question, whose real name is Vic Sage, last season in a cryptic Tweet last year. The character, who in comics is an aggressive journalist taking on stories no one will touch while using his alter-ego to get answers outside of the law, is similar to Green Arrow in that they both have histories of going after their cities' corrupt underbelly. That tease ultimately didn't connect to the fifth season and while The Question has yet to make his appearance, Guggenheim did point out how they've incorporated many of the other characters on his list.

"You know, I will say, you know, we're in the sixth year of doing these things," he said. "What's amazing to me is all the characters that were on our bucket list we've seen, we've done a version of and that's really like, I've always wanted to get Vigilante on Arrow and we did that last year and, but there's so many characters and there's a couple of other characters who are on my list. Every time I see Geoff Johns you know we're like 'how about this character?' or 'how about that character?' and we've been really, really lucky we've had a chance to you know, even you know name checking people like we name checked Bruce Wayne for the first time, we name checked Themyscira, and DC's been really kind with letting us be mischievous that way. They've allowed us to put in our little fanboy Easter eggs."


With Arrow and the rest of the Arrowverse on winter hiatus, there's still plenty of episodes left for even more "fanboy Easter eggs," though fans will have to wait until Arrow returns in January to see just what else Guggenheim has in store.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW. The series returns from winter hiatus on January 18, 2018.