New 'Arrow' Video Gives An Inside Look At "Tribute"

The CW has released an inside look at 'Tribute', tonight's second episode of Arrow's sixth season.

"Oliver has been outed as the Green Arrow." Executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed in the video. "There's a photograph floating around Star City, and the news, Channel 52 has it. And everyone is wondering 'How is he going to get out of this?', because that photo seems pretty legit."

The video also provides a new look at Samanda Watson (Sydette Noel), an FBI agent who is investigating Oliver's potential ties to the Green Arrow. As Mericle hinted, this could only be the beginning of a conundrum for Oliver, in pretty much every circle of his life.

"This has always been a secret identity, and now it's out in the public." Mericle explained. "And it's a great question, not just how Oliver's going to reel it in with the people in City Hall, and the people of Star City, and his team, but also with his son."

When it comes to Oliver and William, Mericle added that Oliver's ongoing lessons in being a father will certainly come into play.


"One of the cool parts of ['Tribute'] is seeing Oliver deal with being a father." Mericle revealed. "This season is all about family. That's the theme of the year. And Oliver having to be a father and a superhero at the same time. It's the first time we've seen him have to do that. Really on the ground, with an actual, specific issue. It's pretty fun and surprisingly emotional."

'Tribute' airs tonight at 9/8c on The CW.