'Arrow' EP Would Like to See 'Arrow' Go as Long as 'Supernatural'

Fans who want to see Arrow stay on the air just as long as Supernatural may be in luck if executive producer Marc Guggenheim has his way.

In an interview with Collider, Guggenheim was asked if he thought that Arrow might go as long fellow The CW show Supernatural has. And while he didn't try to predict the future, Guggenheim did say that he hoped Arrow would have an equally long run.

"I think it's too far in the horizon, but I will say this. Like, it's funny I will say it like I think Stephen [Amell] said publicly, what's the point of doing the first five if you're not going to do the second five?" Guggenheim said.

For those who may not be familiar, Supernatural is the show that just can't be stopped. The popular, long-running show is set to enter it's thirteenth season this fall, airing new episodes right before Arrow on Thursday nights. Thirteen seasons is a long time for a television show to remain on the air, but Guggenheim also notes that the metrics for staying on the air have changed over the years and when it comes to streaming views, Arrow is doing well.

"I think for us like, the questions I look at, like Vampire Diaries ending around season eight or something like, I don't know what sort of numbers have to do in order to quote unquote stay on the air through season ten, you know. It's also, by the way, it's like, it's not just about the numbers anymore that you do, like Nielsen's. It's about numbers you do streaming-wise," Guggenheim explained.

And when it comes to those streaming numbers, he explained that despite there being a 20 percent drop in live ratings between season four and season five, streaming views went up 17 percent, making the total drop a mere 3 percent, something pretty good for any network show. Guggenheim also went on to say that Arrow has been doing very well for itself and is in good TV company.

"In fact, season four, not to toot our own horn, but the year of season four only two network shows didn't see their numbers go down, Arrow and Law and Order: SVU. That's company I don't mind being in."


Arrow returns to The CW on Thursdays beginning October 12th.

ArrowWednesday at 8 PM ET on CW

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