Arrow's David Ramsey Says Recent Events Push Diggle Into An Emotional Tailspin

After the death of a major character -- arguably due to his own bad judgment -- John Diggle will [...]


After the death of a major character -- arguably due to his own bad judgment -- John Diggle will start to lose his grip a little bit, according to David Ramsey, who plays the character on Arrow.

During a recent interview, he detailed how his character will go dark -- and potentially put himself in danger in the process.

"Post-traumatic stress syndrome has happened to the whole team after Laurel's death. He's no exception, and so we're seeing a Diggle that we've never seen before," Ramsey told Access Hollywood. "What has happened to his brother – the betrayal, the not-death, the H.I.V.E., the not quite H.I.V.E. – he is on an emotional tailspin, his wife now a part of this organization, ARGUS, which clearly has its own agenda that he's never really fully agreed with, so I think we're looking at a Diggle who… this is a nuts and bolts kind of guy. And there was a great line that Lyla had during the Suicide Squad episode of Season 2. … She [said] very clearly, 'You see the world in black and white, and the world is much more complicated,' and I think that's always been his Achilles heel … The same thing that makes Diggle strong in that he sees it black and white and therefore he's honorable and super loyal and he will take the grenade, is the same thing that is his Achilles heel. He can't really wrap his head around the gray areas. ... You're going to see a Diggle who has to deal with the gray and because of that, he is fractured and he is willing to do things that you never would have thought him to do."

We've seen a hint of that already: in the previews for next week's episode, we see that Diggle will take Damien Darhk's wife -- currently the mayor of Star City -- hostage at gunpoint. What else could happen...?

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