Ben Affleck's Batman Batarangs Make Debut in DC Comics

The DC Extended Universe often draws inspiration directly from the pages of DC Comics, with comics creators sometimes borrowing unique elements that have debuted in the live-action adventures. In a recent issue of Batman, artist Mitch Gerads borrowed the design of the batarangs that Ben Affleck's Caped Crusader uses in the DCEU for the book.

One DC Comics fan posted a visual comparison of the weapon using a scene from Justice League when the batarang flies past The Flash. Batman writer Tom King shared the tweet while adding the message, "That Mitch Gerads is very clever."

The artist himself chimed in, detailing, "I took a deep dive on batarangs, turns out the Battfleck one is my favorite, WHO KNEW! I don’t like the skinny ones. They always look completely ineffective."

This is only one example of the ways Affleck's stint as the character has made an impact on the character's legacy, though fans are still wondering what the future holds for the actor's involvement in the DCEU.

Affleck debuted in the shared universe with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film was a major financial success, yet it suffered from incredibly poor critical reviews. While the overall production might have disappointed fans, one of the highlights in many of the film's reviews was Affleck's performance. However, the abundance of these poor reviews and one viral interview in which the actor and co-star Henry Cavill were directly asked about the negative reviews might have soured Affleck's tenure as the character.

Batman played a more prominent role in Justice League, another film that earned poor reviews. Unfortunately, the film's box office performance was a disappointment, leading many to wonder what the future held for the DCEU.

Affleck had previously committed to starring in and directing a solo Batman outing, yet he ultimately handed over directorial duties to War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. Reports regarding that film, The Batman, claimed it would focus on a younger Bruce Wayne, which wouldn't require Affleck to star in the outing. The Batman doesn't have a release date, with recent rumors hinting that the film could shoot before the end of the year.


While Affleck has yet to confirm his future with the DCEU, he has also yet to officially part ways with it, leaving Batman's live-action future anyone's guess.

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