Batman Beyond: Should Damian Wayne or Terry McGinnis Inherit the Batman Cowl?

Batman Beyond has become a hot topic yet again, thanks to the announcement that Michael Keaton coming back as Batman. Keaton will reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Flash movie (slated for 2022), but after that, it's been teased that Keaton will be taking on some kind of bigger role in the DC movie franchise, much lik Marvel's Nick Fury. That news quickly rekindled DC fans' hopes to see a Batman Beyond movie with Keaton starring, but there's one question now facing a modern take on Batman Beyond: Should it be Terry McGinnis or Damian Wayne who inherits the cowl?

Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis

The original Batman Beyond animated series featured Terry McGinnis discovering Bruce Wayne's secret identity, decades after Bruce had retired as Batman. Terry suited-up and fought a new era of Gotham City villains (and a few classic ones) as the future's Batman, and has since earned his spot in the Batman mythos. His rebellious attitude made him a great foil for an elderly and even more curmudgeonly Bruce Wayne. However, Batman Beyond was launched in 1999, when the world was obsessing with visions of what the 21st century would be like. It's not unfair to say that the series looks a little kitschy by 2020 standards.

Batman's Son: Damian Wayne

Bruce Wayne's son Damian Wayne was introduced in the mid-2000s and has since grown into his own full-fledged DC Comics hero. Damian is Bruce's son with Talia al Ghul, and was raised to be Ra's al Ghul's heir as leader of the League of Assassins, until coming under his father's tutelage. He's since inherited the mantle of Robin, serving alongside both Dick Grayson's Batman and his father. Damian was dead for a while, but has since been resurrected and expanded to leading the Teen Titans and working with Superman's son, Jonathan Kent as the "Super Sons." Damian had his fair share of haters for many years (largely due to his snobby, elitist, attitude), but as stated, he has since earned his spot in the franchise as more than just "Batman's Kid."

Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis or Damian Wayne?

Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis vs Damian Wayne

There are pros and cons to having either Terry McGinnis or Damian Wayne become Batman Beyond in a movie or general reboot of the series. Terry was the original, and has lots of fan love behind him; while dated, a modern take on the character could be tweaked in terms of personality and design, to fit modern concepts of the future. On the other hand, Damian Wayne has built a lot of significant DC Comics lore, and it seems like currently, the franchise is searching for how he should grow and evolve as a hero.

Batman never had an actual son when Batman Beyond debuted, so Terry being his surrogate son made a lot of sense, given Bruce's history with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. However, modern Batman comics have made it clear that Batman definitely feels differently about his biological son than he id his surrogate ones, so a Batman Beyond starring Damian would definitely have a much deeper emotional core.

Batman Beyond vs. Damian Wayne


...Of course, any comic fan would want the best of both worlds: Terry McGinnis' Batman Beyond having to battle Damian Wayne for the right to wear the armor. The Batman Beyond comics had to the two clash in the "Rise of the Demon" storyline, when it was revealed that Damian had become the future's Ra's al Ghul, after the Batman Beyond armor drove him insane. So really, a Batman Beyond movie could make use of both characters, fairly easily.

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