Batman Beyond: The Complete Series Blu-ray Gets a Cheaper Funko-Free Version


The Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Blu-ray box set is now available in a standard version that comes without the Funko Pop and lenticular art cards that are exclusive to the deluxe edition. Naturally, this means it's also cheaper - but only just. At the time of writing, you can pre-order the standard version on Amazon for $55.29 (arrives on December 31st) while the deluxe edition is on sale for $60.99 at Amazon and Walmart which is a match for an all-time low.

There's a good chance that the standard version will see a discount in the coming days, so you might want to hold off on it (though you'll automatically get any discounts that occur during the pre-order period on Amazon). The deluxe edition, on the other hand, is something you'll want to jump all over at that price - especially since it's probably reaching the end of its 50,000 unit run. Note that the Batman: The Complete Animated Series Blu-ray set is currently priced at $41.99 on Amazon and Walmart which is also an all-time low. This is the kind of discount that we would expect to see on the standard Batman Beyond set at some point in the near future.

The Batman Beyond set throws in everything - all 52 episodes on Blu-ray and digital and two discs of bonus content (including a remastered version of the feature-length film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker). Special features include 15 featurettes and audio commentary from executive producer Bruce Timm on four episodes. A full breakdown of the special features is available below.

Special Features:

  • Knight Immortal (All-New Featurette) – A visual and visceral celebration of the Dark Knight's 80 years of crime fighting, narrated by storytellers of the past, present, and future.
  • "Tomorrow Knight: The Batman Reborn" (Featurette) – Storytellers explore the rise of Terry McGinnis as Batman and Bruce Wayne's relationship with the young hero as he mentors a new Dark Knight for modern times.
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Feature-Length Film) – The beloved hit animated film from 2000 is included in the box set – fully remastered for your enjoyment.
  • Audio Commentaries – Enlightening audio commentaries by filmmakers and voice actors for four key episodes: "Rebirth, Part 1"; "Shriek"; "Splicers"; and "The Eggbaby."
  • Featurettes – A dozen inside looks at the genesis, production and effects of Batman Beyond.

Note that the remaster applies to all but 11 episodes that have been damaged over time and have been "Smart Rezzed" to improve their quality. These episodes include "Eyewitness," "Final Cut," "The Last Resort," "Armory," "Sneak Peek," "The Eggbaby," "Zeta," "Plague," "April Moon," "Sentries of the Lost Cosmos" and "Speak No Evil. Warner Bros. describes this process as follows:

"The process provides for significant enhanced resolution and improvement of the original source material in converting from standard to high definition, though it does sacrifice horizontal lines for clearer image and color representation. While still a marked improvement over the original video, viewers will notice a slight difference between the Remastered and the Up-Rezzed final footage."

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