Batman Beyond Gets Live-Action Teaser in New Fan Video

Over the years, a few wildly different iterations of Batman have made their way onto the big [...]

Over the years, a few wildly different iterations of Batman have made their way onto the big screen, entertaining audiences with new takes on the Dark Knight's mythos. While Batman's next feature film will follow a new iteration of Bruce Wayne, a new fan video brings a much different version of the character to life. The YouTube account RE:ANIME recently shared a pretty epic teaser video, which imagines what a live-action Batman Beyond movie would look like. The short teaser largely consists of ambient and stylized shots, setting up an epic fight between Terry McGinnis and the Joker. The end result is understated, but epic, especially as Joker's ominous laugh grows louder and louder.

At the moment, there's no telling if and when the world of Batman Beyond could make it to the big screen, although that's something that fans have been clamoring for for years. The future-set tale follows the escapades of a teenaged Terry McGinnis, who operates as Batman while being mentored by Bruce Wayne. The character and his world were first introduced in the 1999 Batman Beyond animated series, and have continued to be popular to this day. Fans have hoped to see former Batman Michael Keaton play Bruce in a live-action Batman Beyond movie, including director and nerd icon Kevin Smith.

"That movie makes a billion, right there, man." Smith said on an episode of his podcast this January. "If you're like 'Michael Keaton's coming back', people will be like 'How is that possible?' and you're like 'Because he's Batman Beyond, bitch!' And people [will go] 'Oh, we wanted this our whole lives! This is f*cking good and I am down with this. When can we go?'"

Earlier this years, rumors indicated that a Batman Beyond animated movie could be in the works, with the goal of it being released in theaters a-la Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. While that rumor was quickly debunked, the mere idea of it made fans pretty eager, so it remains to be seen if the project comes to fruition. If it does, it sounds like original Batman Beyond voice actor Will Friedle is on board to join.

"Uh... for real?" Friedle said to the news on Twitter. "I hope I get to play."

In the meantime, Batman Beyond fans can experience the entire series in an epic new way, when a Blu-ray remaster is released later this year.

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