Robert Pattinson Confirmed as The Batman

Well, now it's all official. After plenty of debate about the potential casting of Batman for Matt [...]

Well, now it's all official. After plenty of debate about the potential casting of Batman for Matt Reeves' new movie, The Batman, including a report of continued screen testing as recently as Thursday, it looks like Warner Bros. has finally made a decision. Robert Pattinson will be the new Dark Knight.

Deadline confirmed the news on Friday, saying that the studio has chosen Pattinson to lead a new trilogy of films as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The initial report that Pattinson had landed the coveted role came just a couple of weeks ago, but it was being reported differently by various insiders and outlets. Some said that he had already locked down the role, while others suggested that he was just a finalist. Deadline's new report says that the entire thing it's now a done deal after a thorough screen test, and that WB will be making its announcement any minute.

Pattinson was apparently a frontrunner for the role for quite a while, as Reeves has been a big fan of the actor. However, the studio liked the idea of Nicholas Hoult in the role and required screen tests with both actors. A final meeting was reportedly held on Thursday, where the decision to go with Pattinson was officially made.

This new take on Batman is set to be a trilogy of films from Matt Reeves, which is why the contract negotiations with Pattinson could take a little bit of time. There are likely options worked in for the next two movies in the saga. The new series will follow Bruce Wayne during his formative years as Batman, which is why an actor in his early 30s was ideal, a stark contrast from Ben Affleck's iteration in Justice League.

Sadly for the Batfleck fans out there, this new trilogy will have nothing to do with the version of Batman played by Affleck for the past few years.

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