Jane Levy Is Open to Batgirl or ‘Birds of Prey’ Roles

Don’t Breathe and Castle Rock star Jane Levy is “honored” she’s often fancast as Barbara [...]

Don't Breathe and Castle Rock star Jane Levy is "honored" she's often fancast as Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, but she's not in the loop on Warner Bros.' upcoming Birds of Prey.

"I don't know anything about what's going on, I just am honored people on the internet tell me they think I should play this beloved character," Levy told MTV during San Diego Comic-Con.

Reports surfaced earlier this month Batman's crimefighter protégé won't be included in the Birds of Prey roster, set to team Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) with yet-to-be-cast famed DC Comics heroines Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain, and Renee Montoya.

Asked if she'd be open to playing Huntress or Black Canary instead, Levy said with a laugh, "Sure, but I don't know who Huntress or Black Canary [are]. 100%, I'm in. Thank you for getting me a job. Yes, I'm in."

"I've worked out with Jane, she's real tough," added Levy's Castle Rock co-star Melanie Lynskey. "She's very tough."

Levy tweeted earlier this month about tackling the role, saying "I think it's probably a good idea because I can do a lot of pushups."

"Yeah, I could. I can do a bunch of pushups," Levy said at Comic-Con. "But I don't want to show you right now."

Birds of Prey star and producer Robbie described the Cathy Yan-directed project as an R-rated "girl-gang film."

Warner Bros. has long been developing a standalone Batgirl feature, also expected to be set in the shared DCEU, tapping screenwriter Christina Hodson (Bumblebee, Birds of Prey) for a draft in April. The potential Batman spinoff re-entered development after The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon — who stepped in to steer rewrite and reshoot duties on the Zack Snyder-directed Justice Leaguestepped away from the Batgirl writer-director gig in February.

Whedon admitted in April some elements weren't working out, forcing him to withdraw from the project. "I felt some of the elements might not work as well, and the story just kind of crumbled in my hands," Whedon told Variety.

"There were elements I hadn't mastered and after a long time felt like I wasn't going to. So, I told people I didn't have an idea, which isn't the exact truth. I had an idea that didn't fit in the space that was left for it. It was a little heartbreaking because I was so excited for it."

Warner Bros. has yet to cage a release date for Birds of Prey.