The Flash's Candice Patton Called Out in J.R. Smith Wife's Instagram Prayer

NBA player J.R. Smith and The Flash star Candice Patton have been seeing each other according to [...]

NBA player J.R. Smith and The Flash star Candice Patton have been seeing each other according to recent rumors, and evidently there is some truth to those, at least according to J.R. Smith's wife Jewel Harris. Harris took to Instagram to share her thoughts after revealing she's been sent numerous messages and DMs from people about Smith and Patton, and as she states in the video, she decided to just pray about it and post that prayer on Instagram. She breaks that initial decision down a bit before she starts to pray, and during that prayer, she does mention her husband and Patton by name, and you can watch the full video in the post below (via Complex).

"God is mad wild," she said. "There's a lot going on . . . Help me God. So, as I was taking Demi to school, God was like 'Yeah, you gonna pray and you're gonna post it.'" After explaining why a bit more in detail and saying this all hurts, she starts praying.

"God, I would like to lift my husband up and ask you, Lord Father God, to please just cover him with your blood," Harris said. "I ask in the mighty name of Jesus that you go to him where he is right now and you shake him up, God. You shake him up and you stir him up . . . I ask that wherever he is broke, you fix him [and] you heal him."

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She continues to pray for Smith, asking God to help him be the husband and father he can be. Shortly thereafter she mentions Candice by name, saying she is also going through pain and asking God to mend her heart, mentioning that she is out here seeking a married man and asking that she be given grace and mercy.

Now, Smith had a response to Harris' post, saying that "IG ain't a place for relationships" and also adding that him and Harris have been "separated for months."

As of now, Patton has not responded.