Captain Boomerang Has Trick Boomerangs in Suicide Squad

Cap Boomerang

The David Ayer directed Suicide Squad seems to be embracing its humorous tones, and Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang will be a big part of that.

Still, just because he's funny doesn't mean you should mess with him, and that's due to his arsenal of damage-inducing boomerangs. Richard Suckle, Producer on Suicide Squad, described Courtney's character and gave an example of what trick boomerangs we might see during a set visit that attended last summer.

"Jai Courtney, Captain Boomerang. A great actor and a great guy. One of the fun things about this character is that I've not seen every film Jai has made but I've probably seen most of them and I don't think he's ever been able to play a role that allows him to really be funny and he's incredibly funny. You can just look at him and I'm sure the way you would describe him without me telling you what he does in the movie would probably be very close to what I'm about to say. He is a wise ass. He's a hunk to a certain extent and he's got an incredible wise-cracking sense of humor. At the same time, he is equally dangerous and has these very dangerous boomerangs, one of which he's holding. Now there is a boomerang that is actually a drone boomerang, which plays a role in the movie. He's just a fun character that shakes things up and also has a level of unpredictability as well."

Boomerang has been a highlight of the trailers thus far, but we have yet to really see him using his weapons, though he does seem to put that beer holster to use rather frequently. It should be exciting to see what other tricks the character has up his sleeve.


Suicide Squad debuts on August 5th.