Crisis on Infinite Earths Actor LaMonica Garrett Receiving Hate Over Oliver Queen Death

Fans of The CW's Arrowverse got a huge shock last year when, during the Arrow Season 7 finale it was revealed that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) had made a deal with The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) during "Elseworlds" to spare the life of his friend The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). That shock was furthered when The Monitor revealed that he had come to collect on that deal and, more than that, Oliver would die in the process of helping attempt to stop the coming crisis. When "Crisis on Infinite Earths" eventually arrived, The Monitor's words ended up being the truth: Oliver Queen did die to save the universe, an act of sacrifice that gave life to a whole new reality with the hero ultimately getting his own "happily ever after" in a paradise dimension with his beloved Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in the Arrow series finale. It was a bittersweet, but fitting end for the hero, but someone might want to tell that to fans - particularly those sending real-life hate to Garrett over something a fictional character did.

On Saturday, Garrett took to Twitter to share a look at the type of messages he's been getting in his Instagram DM's since Arrow's series finale on Tuesday and it's pretty clear that some "fans" aren't handling the end of Arrow well at all, resorting to sending nasty messages to the actor about the death of the fictional Oliver Queen.

"Welcome to my Instagram DM's," Garrett wrote. He followed that Tweet up with a popular GIF of Kim Kardashian peeking out from behind some foliage that he captioned "Gotta start leaving the house in the morning like..."

It's disturbing that some "fans" have taken to harassing Garrett over how Arrow played out, especially since the ending is something that series star Amell himself said last August was what he wanted.

"It's what I want," Amell said of Oliver's ending last year. "I pitched it for a very long time. It's what I want, but concurrently, that doesn't mean that here aren't surprises along the way. I was floored when I got the pitch for the crossover. I don't see it coming - nobody sees it coming. It's going to be so rad."


What do you think about Garrett getting unsettling messages from people over the death of Oliver Queen on Arrow? Did you tune into the Arrow series finale? Let us know in the comments below.