"Crisis on Earth-X" Gets a Second Trailer

The CW has released the second teaser for 'Crisis on Earth-X,' this year's four-show 'Arrowverse' [...]

The CW has released the second teaser for "Crisis on Earth-X," this year's four-show "Arrowverse" crossover story.

You can check it out above.

In the trailer, you can see several familiar faces making their way onto the Waverider for the first time, including Supergirl's sister Alex and Iris West.

Fans also get their first look at the Earth-X verison of Oliver Queen, wearing a Nazi uniform and pointing a Luger at the camera -- which may be taking on the point of Heat Wave.

In the story, the villains of Earth-X will crash Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding, leading to the combined heroes of the Arrowverse to repel the Nazi doppelgangers of the heroes (and some of their friends and foes).

The heroes and villains of Earth-X will also appear on Freedom Fighters: The Ray, an animated series set on Earth-X and starring The Ray. No word yet on whether or not Uncle Sam, The Ray, and the other Freedom Fighters might show up to aid the superheroes in their battle.

"Crisis on Earth-X" will air on November 27 and 28, for two hours each day beginning at 8 p.m., on The CW.